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  • Country: USA
  • 1 h 26 Minutes
  • directed by: Timothy Reckart
  • rating: 5847 votes
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  • 7 / 10
Stjernen er tent. Stjernene norsk til engelsk. ??? The star ?????????????????????? ??????. I love this. Stjernen risskov. This movie somehow manages to take one of the most important stories from history, perhaps THE most important, and trivialize it through low-brow jokes, ridiculously distracting cameos and no-duh epiphanies. It has no further insights into the story of the birth of Christ, instead it mistakes gimmicks and laughless gags as a reason to create the movie. It doesn't even suffice as a kids movie, and in fact may be even worse at doing that then it is for adults.
Stjernen. Stjernen julefilm. I took my child to see "the Star" yesterday thinking it would be a nice holiday movie. I mean, a story promoted as the first Christmas and birth of Jesus should be fairly safe, right? Warning, spoiler alert: it is NOT a nice holiday movie. 95% of it was about Mary and Joseph being hunted by the king's henchman, accompanied by his vicious dogs, while the donkey tries to find/save them. Let me say that just because the dogs try to be "good" at the very end, after the henchman falls off a cliff, doesn't make it a happy ending.
Of course, I know that persecution, hatred and violence existed and was part of the history. But Hollywood, please don't sell this to unsuspecting parents as a feel good holiday film! My child said to me afterwards, I never want to see that movie again. this 4yr old is wiser than the producers.

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Stjernenat. ?????????????????? ??????????. Stjerne lyser over bethlehem. Stjernen film. えっ?これ死んだの?. Mama2018?.
Stjernenat johnny madsen and wife. Stjernen og stallen. Stjerne navn. Stjernen håndbold. Real og's listen to the whole song. The story of Jesus birth from the point o view of the animals, mainly the donkey. It's absolutely boring for adult and kids. Not funny, not interesting. There many better movie to watch. I's really difficult to understand why they made such a bad you have kids they will get bored after 10 minutes.
Stjernen var. Stjernene. Stjernepose. Ask my doctors. Where's your doctors. You know how to dance like an octopus. You can answer anyone... without words coming from your showing your octopus maut... Hihi.

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This film is an instant classic. There were many cases of brilliant casting and contributory insertion of unique versions of traditional Christmas songs. This film should be avoided by those that abhor the notion of Christianity. I have been bored by most Hollywood films since 1990. It was very nice to not be completely bored out of my mind eight minutes into the story.
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