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Action, Thriller
Release year=2019 Shivani Shivaji Roy is appointed as the new ACP of Kota.The city soon strikes with a brutal rape and murder of a young girl.Shivani in a press conference states that she will bring the killer to her knees by pulling his collar.This hurts the ego of the killer whose none other then Sunny who has a thinking that women should not empower men.Sunny starts to keep a watch on every move of Shivani and also manages to kill the eye witness.After the incident Shivani gets the transfer orders but before the new ACP takes the charges within next two days Shivani with her team work day and night to capture Sunny Duration=1 H 43Minute ratings=8,6 / 10 Directed by=Gopi Puthran Priyanka chopra The only actress who plays lead role Gangaa Jal Mary kom quantico #respect #hardestworker.
ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2008. Very nice it is working properly thanks for the video. Who come here to see December spelling. After the rawknee show. Haramjado ???????. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2.5. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2.1. On New year's Eve lets remember his section 377 video. Online film mardaani 2018. I'm dying rani my koliza to see u on screen plz come early. Vishal was damn in acting. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2 3. Online film mardaani 2013. Online film mardaani 2015. Online film mardaani 2017. Plz react to Brothers movie trailer. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2009. What an amazing movie ?. This movie is going to be the best movies of 2019. No subtitles on this. but it's ok i already know i will def b going to watch this as my super BADASS??? kween Pri is in it! ????.
Online film mardaani 2014. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2016. Love u dear Rani.????????. Online film mardaani 2012. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2010.
ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2014. Trailer ?? ????? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ?? ?. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2011.
I m here after watching mardaani 2 trailer. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2015. Can u react to the song ‘Uff from the movie bang bang ??. Feels like a south indian movie. I think it is because of Prabhu Deva. Mardaani is no Singham. Nor does it intend to become one. It is in many ways a realistic portrayal of how women or girls are still treated in our society- be she an IPS officer or a college goer. In no single shot, the director wants the protagonist to become a larger than life character and there lies the victory of the movie. However, as you expect, peoples respect for this movie has been subdued. Had this character been played by Akshay INDIA Kumar or Ajay Devgan or Ranbeer Singh, it would have been surely a blockbuster. Does not matter much, though. For us who crave for good Hindi movies, the second installment of the franchise brings fresh breeze, new rays hope. Rani Mukherjee is restrained in the lead role and her portrayal of the vulnerability even a female cop faces in her field of work lifts the spirit of the movie. In certain scenes, she is just unbeatable. Vishal Jethwa as the cold blooded killer and rapist just steals the show. He makes his character so believable that you actually start hating the character. All other characters do justice to their roles, however minute they are. Gopi Puthran creates a one of its kind Hindi serial killer movie with a brilliant panache. The way he restricts the emotional outflow of the movie deserves special mention. This is a must watch if you want a fresh breath amidst the mediocrity of the Hindi movies around. But be cautioned, this is not a War or your regular ego or emotion booster flick. Thumbs up to the brilliant effort in creating a spine chilling movie.
This reminded me of the tamil movie ratsasan which was one of the best thrillers in recent times. Online film mardaani 2016. I bet that the scene between akki and diljit @ 2:30 - 2:35 is totally not scripted ?????.

Online film mardaani 2007. Online film mardaani 2000. ONLINE FILM MARDAANI 2017. This movie is incredibly dated! Contrived and cliched.

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