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Countries: Soviet Union
director: Elem Klimov 1985
runtime: 2 hour, 22min Writer: Elem Klimov Loosely based on the dirlewanger brigade. Which wasn't actually considered apart of the SS. But operated under the orders from the SS. It was actually tried in an SS court but was given immunity from Himmler himself. The worst atrocities of the war were committed by Dirlewanger and his band of convicted criminals in Belarus and the Warsaw Uprising.
One of the most saddest and horrific movies I've ever seen. Free movie idi i smotriz. Wow incredible,this film have scenes of pure and extreme cruelty. Idi i smotri Movie 100% FREE. What is that creature. Dude every upload is a blessing. When you could get it on netflix. Something that makes the film more disturbing is the director was in stalingrad during ww2 and was there during the evacuation and saw this shit really happen, and one of the people who helped make the movie was a partisan when he was 15 so alot of what happened in the film were things he experienced.
@93riven. Critics Consensus As effectively anti-war as movies can be, Come and See is a harrowing odyssey through the worst that humanity is capable of, directed with bravura intensity by Elem Klimov. 96% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 23 Audience Score User Ratings: 8, 487 Come and See (Idi i smotri) Ratings & Reviews Explanation Come and See (Idi i smotri) Photos Movie Info As seen through the eyes of teen-aged protagonist Alexei Kravchenko, the landscape of Byelorussia is devastated by the incursion of Nazi troops in 1943. The genocide perpetrated on the citizens of this region is almost secondary to the rape of the region itself. Despite his disillusionment with humanity, Florya (Kravchenko) emerges from his experiences vowing to survive no matter what comes -- and in so doing, personifies a resilience and dignity. Come and See, originally released as Idi i Smorti, was the winner of the Grand Prix at the 1985 Moscow Film Festival. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Oct 17, 1985 wide On Disc/Streaming: Oct 23, 2001 Runtime: 142 minutes Studio: Kino International Cast News & Interviews for Come and See (Idi i smotri) Critic Reviews for Come and See (Idi i smotri) Audience Reviews for Come and See (Idi i smotri) Come and See (Idi i smotri) Quotes Movie & TV guides.
Free Movie Idi i smotri. Missing my point Redskum, the Soviets were worse than the Nazis by 62 years. In that time they did more harm, killed more people, committed more ecocide, demoralized more millions, starved, worked to death, murdered countless more than the Nazis short 12 years. Facts don't lie, you and your type chance you get. Tell it to someone more gullible, like your drunk Uncle Vanya. Communism was/is a barnyard scheme indulged by bumpkins and fools, like you. Fuck off now.
Tks for the video, this movie is not enough famous. Saw this film last night. Nothing could have prepared me for it. Okay okay, people are calling the propaganda card on this one but to be honest, this film is nothing like the propaganda we see from Holywood that just shows some sort of hero or super machine that saves the day. In war, there are no heroes when there are millions of people being murdered. regardless of the regime or war. There are no heroes. I now live in Latvia and of course, the echos of the soviet union are still whispering the streets. A former KGB torture building is being opened up to the public this very week. It is important to not forget the way that anybody was mistreated as a human being. I just have to say that this film hit it home on every account. towards every regime that has ever existed. I would say that it isn't propaganda for the very fact that it doesn't show any good reason to show joining the soviet army. The kid never fired a gun, was mistreated and left behind to fend for himself. It shows the locals experiencing what was experienced. The 9 months of filming for 2.5 hrs worth of shocking footage was gruelling for them. It is a history lesson not a propaganda machine. Overall, the film is utterly amazing. The soundtrack. The acting. The realism. The terror. The horror. Films like this do not get made very often. It was the last film by the director and he certainly went out meaning every scene he made in it.
By the way, I just finished reading CHILD 44, a novel, and anyone who likes this might like that book... This film is amazing and i feel no matter what you shouldnt shy away from it. Its brutal and honest in its depiction of the second world war on the eastern front and really shows the barbaric nature of it all. One if the best films ever.
As a proud black man, l cannot see “A Time To Kill” EVER again. And l do mean EVER. Are you able to imagine a real battle. One of the greatest war films ever made. One of the greatest films ever made. “He who the sword of heaven will bear Should be as holy as severe; Pattern in himself to know, Grace to stand, and virtue go; More nor less to others paying Than by self-offences weighing. Shame to him whose cruel striking Kills for faults of his own liking!”.
I'm surprised Hamburger Hill didn't make the list. A number of my Vietnam veteran friends had commented on its realism. Although it's a fictional portrayal of the battle, the military adviser for the film was the battalion commander who was striven to make sure they got it right.
Є , 1939 1941 . Nazi to the last second. Not only criminals but also cowards. Escaping to South America if they could. 3:52 no those are marines not soldiers to my understanding. A Soviet drama war film directed by Elem Klimov, Come and See is considered as one of the best war films ever made. Its ruthless depiction of the human actions in WW2 makes it one of the strongest anti-war anti-fascist (as Klimov said he wanted it to be) films in cinema history. In many scenes you get the feeling that Klimov is trying to say that sometimes you're better off dead... the horrors of war are unbearable.
The film opens with an ambiguous scene of a Belarusian young boy digging for something... we know after a while that he is searching for a rifle to join the resistance against the Nazis. He then starts to witness the horrors and tragedies of war starting from the smallest incidents (such as having to switch his new shoes to old ruined ones) all the way to the massacres committed by the Nazi soldiers in Belarus. The film's accuracy in depicting what really happened in that era (illuminating the Belarusian tragedy rarely shown) is one of its most important features... and adding to its realism the surrealistic approach used by Klimov only makes it a piece of art. The two approaches are blended in a way that evokes intensity and emotions and masterfully displays the absurdity of human actions during war. The score also is used amazingly in a way to suit the tragic story. The animals' noises, dull hums, war sounds, classical music are all mixed together drawing more and more intensity. In an early scene the protagonist goes deaf leaving us to hear what he hears from noises (strengthening the disturbing atmosphere, especially that in this period he discovers what happened to his family - where he starts acting in a sort of denial. The main subject of the film is the cottage scene in the village "Perekhody" where the Nazi soldiers put all the villagers in the cottage and burn it. Then they start shooting it while it is burning (showing excessive brutality or maybe absurdity. Before burning it they allow some to flee the cottage but without the children (in the execution scene a Nazi soldier explains the reason - he did not want this inferior race to continue! and so the child of a young mother that tried to run away with him was taken from her and thrown again into the cottage and she was later raped (her screams were heard but nothing was shown. The protagonist was also allowed to flee and seemed to age throughout the film (pointing out how war kills innocence and how horrifying it is. The main character was a success in this film where the viewer can easily get emotionally attached to the terrified wandering kid. The symbolic and memorable scenes in the film are many. A beautiful German soldier is seen lustily sucking food (linking lust to anger and war? or mocking the "superior Aryan race. and after few scenes she is shown dead with one of her breasts visible. Another scene is the protagonist stepping on a bird's nest killing her babies still in eggs (implying that war gives birth to suffering - or that it kills innocence. also the death of the cow (some say that Klimov was trying to show that death is sometimes incomprehensible. the cruel Nazi commander with his unpleasant pet... the raped young mother with her legs covered with blood and playing on a harmonica a dull and annoying music... and above all the old peasant that was thrown out while still laying on her bed (the close ups on her face were so emotional and also symbolic. In fact all the close ups from the beginning to the end help the viewer to feel the tragedy and connect with the terrified characters. The German soldiers responsible for the burning of the cottage are then executed... some tried to burn them to avenge the villagers but few peasants shot them quickly. The scene leaves a lot to interpret but you can feel that even though justice was obtained, nothing could really take back what happened. The best is left to the end where the protagonist for the "first time" uses his rifle only to shoot Hitler's picture thrown in mud... and each shot inter-cut with an archival footage of Hitler that is moving backwards. At last when the archival footage comes to a scene where he (Hitler) is a baby in his mother's arms the protagonist could no longer shoot the rifle! The film then plays a classical music with the resistance going into the woods (implying that there is still hope) and the film ends with a shot of the sky. Some assume that the director is questioning God but since the title carries a name from the book of revelation this interpretation does not seem right... the scene is more likely to be spiritual. A masterpiece from a director that never made any film after it claiming that he did everything he could in that film (and without using even professional actors.
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