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  1. Playmobil: The Movie is a movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman, and Jim Gaffigan. Animated feature film inspired by the Playmobil brand toys
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  4. Directed by: Lino DiSalvo
  5. Tomatometers: 5 of 10
  6. Stars: Daniel Radcliffe

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What's next? A minecraft mov- oh wait

YouTube. 2003- finding Nemo 2016- finding dory 2019- finding forky. PLAYMOBIL -maailmassa ei ole suurempaa salaisuutta kuin salainen agentti Rex Dasher. Naamioitumisen mestarina Rex syöksyy suoraan kohti vaaroja ja elää huoletonta elämää loistoautonsa, high-tech -vempaimiensa ja mittatilauspukujensa kanssa. Rex on kaikkien kateuden kohde ja sinnikäs oikeuden puolestapuhuja. Haltiatarkummi etsii koko ajan uusia ihmisiä, joita voisi taioillaan auttaa. Hän on myönteinen, antelias ja hänellä on loistava huumorintaju. Jokainen tässä taianomaisessa maailmassa rakastaa häntä. ?Haltiatarkummi auttaa Marlaa uskomaan itseensä uudelleen. Maximus on syrjäisen Constantinopolis-nimisen PLAYMOBIL -saaren suuri johtaja. Hän on itseriittoinen ja uskoo olevansa oikeutettu saamaan kaiken haluamansa. Maximus hallitsee alamaisiaan harhaanjohtamalla heitä vaikuttavilla kisoilla, joissa hurjat hirviöt ja pelottomat soturit kohtaavat toisensa areenalla. Del rakastaa ruokaa ja puhuu nopeasti. Hän on vapaa sielu, joka elää omilla ehdoillaan. Hän etsii koko ajan seuraavaa suurta saavutustaan, ajellessaan ruokarekallaan pitkin PLAYMOBIL -maailman maanteitä. Del on taitava ja intohimoinen kokkaaja ? ja Marlan ansiosta hän tajuaa sen olevan myös hänen todellinen kutsumuksensa. Veripää on legendaarisen Myrskyankerias-merirosvoaluksen kapteeni, kunnes kaksi hänen miehistön jäsentään vangitsee hänet ja luovuttaa ilkeälle keisari Maximukselle. Kamalasta tilanteesta huolimatta hän pystyy säilyttämään järkensä ja inspiroimaan muut vangit suunnittelemaan yhdessä pakoa, ja pitämään samalla partansa moitteettomasti letitettynä.
I'd say they didn't just ripoff The Lego Movie, they also ripped off that Lego episode of The Simpsons. Oh, and the reason the Lego films work is because they're also genre satires. Especially the first one's biting chosen one cliche slaughter. And the animation of this movie reminds me of the DTV Lego Batman movies and their TV shows. Free Untitled Playmobil movies. 2:19 OMG I don't know if some one notice it but. He really ruffled here AND TO BE HONEST. MY BODY WAS CHILLING. Playmobil. basically a bland and boring toy brand version of LEGO, I think I had a few sets when I young but I was more a LEGO person, so I don't remember all that much about it, anyways with that said, how can you make a good animated film about toys, well Phill Lord and Chris Miller manage to do that incredibly well with the LEGO Movie and that film was a huge success and it's one of my favourite animated films of all time, so now a lot of animated films are taking what made that film a masterpiece and just doing the same thing, like Trolls and this year with Uglydolls, they don't do their own thing they are coping something that worked in the first place and so Studiocanal decided to team up with the Playmobil company to make their own version of the LEGO Movie, only with Playmobil, so they were nice enough to release it in the UK yesterday, which is weird I swear you lot in America don't get it until December. how strange. anyways, I saw it today and. what were you expecting? a good movie? pffff no! it's just as annoying, dumb and blatantly ripping-off the LEGO Movie with it's similarities, in other words it's terrible. so let's talk about it.
Marla (Ana-Taylor Joy) and her brother Charlie loves playing together with Playmobil toys and they really want to travel but after a certain incident with their parents, Marla has to look after Charlie and doesn't have enough time to play with him, but after Charlie tries to run away from her but comes across a toy fair where even more Playmobil is, but after both him and Marla get sucked into the Playmobil world where they both turn into Playmobil characters, but after Charlie gets super strength and gets kidnapped and taken to the ruler of the world Emperor Maximus (Adam Lambert) who wants to use him to battle the big beast, so Marla needs to rescue him, along the way he gets help from other characters like truck driver Del (Jim Gaffigan) and Secret agent Rex Dasher (Daniel Radcliffe) so she goes through a lot of magical nonsensical lands from the Wild West, to a fairytale world and so muc-oh who care? seriously this movie fails from start to finish, it's so cliched and predicable, really unfunny, tries too hard to be dramatic but it didn't effect me, it has a lot of elements that are taken from the LEGO Movie and uses them to try and be it's own thing when really you can tell it has LEGO Movie written all over the place, it doesn't hide the fact that it's the LEGO Movie only replaced with Playmobil, it doesn't help either that is so much blatant foreshadowing, which can be done if it's clever and well hidden, but here it's very obviously at what will happen, so why care about the story and execution, speaking of, it's executed in a lazy way that it makes no sense at all and it feels boring, I'll admit I got a few chuckles and and one or two laughs, but the humour is rather lowbrow and juvenile and copying the LEGO Movie's humour in a way, the writing, the directing, the story, everything feels lazy and in a clueless way, which shows here that they were "trying" to make a movie, only to rip-off the LEGO Movie instead. The animation and the live-action visuals are the closest things to being good, while it's not as amazing as the LEGO Movie, the animation is pretty good, not great but not awful, it has bright colours, nicely done character animation and designs, they expand on the world of Playmobil and do play around with it, with the figures, animals and the different magical and unique lands in the world, the facial expressions are also good, with the real life figures having a bland expression, here they have full expressions and it works in a film like this, not only that but with the live-action secnes are well shot, especially when Marla and Charlie are in the Toy Fair with the Playmobil toys, it's quite well done, however despite the good animation, it also looks generic, it's not very movie-y quality, it looks something that belongs to Netflix or YouTube, also unlike the LEGO Movie where the detail in the animation is supposed to look exactly like actual LEGOs and it's meant to have that feel of a kid playing with a toy, here it's just. a basic bland looking animated Playmobil film, many towns and areas feel very similar to the LEGO Movie. again, but regardless the animation certainly does it's job as a Playmobil movie, it has a lot colours, good character designs and well done fight scenes too, that and the live-action scenes look nice enough, although basic and bland looking and nothing special, the animators did somewhat try with what they got. The characters are the very definition of "just toys for kids to buy" with maybe one exception, Marla is just the generic protagonist who has no redeeming qualities, like at all, Charlie is just even worse as the kid who thinks everything is "cool" and "awesome. he's super forgettable, Del is a annoying comic relief, he does everything a awful comic relief character do, be funny, try and help, think about other things then be serious for a moment, Emperor Maximus can be a tad bit entertaining, but is overall a annoying villain with motives that make no sense at all, the other characters like Bloodbones (Kenan Thompson) Robotitron (Lino DiSalvo) the Fairy-Godmother and other comedic characters are pretty much useless and have very little screen time, the only character that mildly enjoyable is Rex Dasher, he at least has a personality, good comedic timing, charm and in a way cool! easily my favourite character in the entire movie, the voice acting is not good, Ana-Taylor Joy is good as Marla, but nothing special, Jim Gaffigan as Del is just playing himself as a Playmobil character, not as good as Van-Helsing from Hotel Transylvania 3, but not as terrible as Ping from Duck, Duck Goose, Daniel Radcliffe is great as Rex Dasher, Adam Lambert is annoying as Maximus, Meghan Trainor is decent as the Fairy God-Mother, Kenan Thompson (why am I seeing his name appearing in a lot of animated films now? first Tiffany Haddish, now Thompson, I wonder what else lies in his contract. is okay as Bloodbones, basically everyone expect Radcliffe and Joy do a decent job, so with characters that no one cares about and voice acting that is underwhelming, it's just embarrassing, I mean I like Rex Dasher, Radcliffe and Joy do a good job with their performances, but it's not enough to save these dumb characters. There are a few musician numbers that are forgettable and awful, except "Give The People What They Want" that was alright, but not enough, Heitor Pereira's score is beautiful and "Run Like the River" by Meghan Trainor is quite good, but it doesn't stand out at all really, just by the numbers, bland and very basic songs. Why did I even waste my time watching this cash grab of a rip-off? Playmobil: the Movie is just awful, with a lazily written story, juvenile humour, basic and generic animation, forgettable characters, voice acting that is not very good and really dumb musical numbers, sure it has a moment of comedy, a few chuckles, animation is good along with nice looking live action visuals, Rex Dasher being the best character in the film, along with two good performances and decent music, but I'm afraid they don't save this trainwreck of a movie, it's just the Playmobil version of the LEGO Movie, only dumber and worser, I really hate this movie, not the worst animated film ever or one of the worst I seen, but it is quite close to being on the top five worst animated films of all time list! please don't go and see it, there are better animated films out there, go see Angry Birds Movie 2! that one was surprisingly decent, Toy Story 4 is still playing and I love the movie, this movie doesn't deserve your money, funnily enough I was thinking about the Emoji Movie while watching the Playmobil: the Movie, which is a very bad sign, I just hope studios stop making junk and start making original films instead but. that might not happen anytime soon, thanks to this film, I have lost hope. br> This dumb thing easily gets a 2.9/10.

Can you look at Rock and Rule it a Animated Movie from Canada

Love it this song ?? from malaysia ??

At least Anya Taylor-Joy is in the movie. She's such a cutie, i love her. Whos here in 2019 <3. Free Untitled Playmobil. Mi Infancia. ?. What kind of Force Majeure is this. Free Untitled Playmobil movie page. Hello Warning, Hey you guys are a hoot. Brian A K. Free Untitled Playmobil movie reviews. How bad is this. Imprefection is what makes life beautiful.
3:56 Ohno, Kirk Thornton the voice of Shadow the hedgehog is in the credits. Well atleast it wasnt one of the last two Shadow va's but still... Free untitled playmobil movies. So let me get this straight, first Marvels gonna crush me with Endgame, then pixars gonna kick me while Im down with Toy Story? Sounds like a blast lets go.
Ironic since 2019 has been one of the best years for animation. on Netflix. Free Untitled Playmobil movie page imdb. This is amazing. ??. Definitely looking forward to this one... I laughed so hard at this trailer...

Mom said it's MY turn on the xbox. When the rain, when the rain falls down. Free Untitled Playmobil movie. &ref(https://media.kohlsimg.com/is/image/kohls/2671811?wid=500&hei=500&op_sharpen=1) D ir: Lino DiSalvo; Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman, Jim Gaffigan, Adam Lambert, Meghan Trainor, Daniel Radcliffe. U cert, 99 mins After The Lego Movie was released in 2014, its easy to imagine the jubilant ker-ching of imaginary cash registers ringing out in the boardrooms of toy companies around the planet. Surely if the Danish building-block folk could weaponise decades of ambient consumer goodwill in a blockbuster animation, they could too? Well, on the evidence of Playmobil: The Movie, no they could not. The Lego Movie worked so well in part because the essence of the products eternal appeal ? the tension between building by the instruction book and going wackily off-piste ? was an intrinsic part of the films visual style, core premise and emotional impact. Since Im not in marketing, I have no idea what the Playmobil equivalent would be, but apparently neither does this film, which means it feels like exactly what it is: an ugly, interminable, devoid-of-substance advert. Around half an hour into the critics preview I felt guilty for bringing along my six and four year old boys, who asked to go to the Lego shop immediately afterwards, possibly as a kind of detox. When we got home I saw their Playmobil police van on the shelf and could barely bring myself to look the little smiling plastic officers in the eye-dot. T here is no obvious reason that Playmobil: The Movie turned out as wretchedly as it did. It was made by the relatively unknown French studio Method Animation, but the creative team has a pedigree: director Lino DiSalvo is a Disney veteran who served as head of animation on Frozen, while two of its three writers, Greg Erb and Jason Oremland, last collaborated on The Princess and the Frog. (Blaise Hemingway is the third. ) B ut the storytelling shows its laziness almost immediately, when at the end of a live-action prologue the parents of teenage Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy of The Witch) and her 10-year-old brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) are handily dispensed with in an off-screen car accident, putting paid to the formers imminent round-the-world trip. Years later, during a late-night snoop around a toy fair, the siblings are magically transported inside an enormous Playmobil diorama, and must explore the brands various themed ranges (pirates, Romans, westerns, fairy tales, et cetera) in order to find their way back out. The two are themselves transformed into three-inch plastic figures:?Charlie gets to be a heroic, Asterix-strong Viking, while in a stroke of spectacular tone-deafness, Marla becomes a generic mumsy type, who only gets to don a suit of armour at the end. N ote that the gorgeously thumby tactility of The Lego Movies character animation is nowhere to be seen here. One brief moment of introductory slapstick aside, which hinges on having legs that, well, dont, the Playmobil people look and move less like toys than insultingly basic CG models. The backdrops are similarly bland and unenticing, while the plot keeps wandering off down pointless cul-de-sacs, presumably as a way to showcase this or that new play set arriving on shop shelves soon. A mong the supporting cast is a horribly miscast Daniel Radcliffe as a James Bond-like spy called Rex Dasher, who sounds more like the captain of the high school chess team than a secret agent, spoof or otherwise. Also, while I hesitate to use the word “song”, characters occasionally yell incoherently over some terrible music for a while, until the time comes to move on to the next product ??sorry, scene. No child deserves to be subjected to this kind of blaringly witless branding bombardment; as for adults, I felt like I was being beaten around the head with the Argos catalogue.
From the Head of Animation of Disney's Frozen, Lino DiSalvo, comes an exciting new story. When her younger brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL, unprepared Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home. As she sets off on a fantastic journey across stunning new worlds, Marla teams up with some unlikely new friends - the smooth-talking food truck driver Del (Jim Gaffigan) the dashing and charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher (Daniel Radcliffe) a wholehearted misfit robot, an extravagant fairy-godmother (Meghan Trainor) and more to rescue Charlie from the villainous Emperor Maximus (Adam Lambert. Through their vibrant adventure, Marla and Charlie realise that no matter how life plays out, you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself.
My only question is how the heck did they get Daniel Radcliffe, Meghan Trainor, and Adam Lambert on this movie. Free Untitled Playmobil movie maker.

Free untitled playmobil movie trailer

Free Untitled Playmobil movie database. I just watched the trailer but i feel like im gonna cry I really love it. Even tho im old Lol hahaha im still gonna watch my Childhood Movies ?. I didn't have either. So you can imagine what my childhood was like. Also Mune is actually a pretty good movie. I watched it and it wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it. Lu-La the Alien Movie. When her younger brother Charlie unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL, Marla must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon Digital UK Limited., 15 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. 5 January 2020 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase My 5 year old enjoyed this film but was a bit upset by the start, which I dont think was really necessary given that this is a movie aimed at very young children. It starts off all jolly with a brother and sister singing and dancing around the house, and then the police knock on the door to inform them both that their parents have been killed in a car crash. Not exactly what I was expecting from a Playmobil movie. The actual film itself was very good and my son enjoyed it but be warned about the opening scene. Id have fast forwarded this part if id have known. 16 January 2020 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase My kids can't get into this film at all, neither did i. Sleep fest, maybe suited better to toddlers. Wished id rented and not bought lol 11 January 2020 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase The trailer made it look like an OK, if unoriginal) family film. However the trailer completely left out the fact that it's a musical. All in all it's a sub-par LEGO movie / Disney rip-off. 3 January 2020 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Nothing I disliked. Good for ages 5/6 upwards, Marla was my favourite character because she is adventurous and brave. By H aged 7. 12 January 2020 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Daughter loved it. Laughed a lot. Said 5 stars. 31 December 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Nice movie with full of adventures. We got some playmobil movie toys because of it. My children loved it. 21 January 2020 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Awful film kids hated it weak story even weaker songs. If you were hoping for something akin to the lego movies this isn't a patch on them 11 December 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase This is a light, funny, family movie. My kids love Playmobil and loved this movie, there were enough laughs to keep me watching with them. There are 15 customer reviews and 44 customer ratings. Would you like to see more reviews about this item.
Free untitled playmobil movie 2017. Playmobil was invented by German inventor Hans Beck (1929?2009) who is often called the Father of Playmobil. Beck received training as a cabinetmaker and was also an avid hobbyist of model airplanes, a product he pitched to the company Geobra Brandstätter. The owner of the company, Horst Brandstätter, asked him to develop toy figures for children instead.

Knock knock to all once spies in disguise?

This movie had a fun and comic journey but the premise feels forced. In addition they also wanted to bring a musical aspect which could have been focused more or just left out to get a better result.
According to my rating strategy: Story:1/2, Task Fulfillment:1/1, Directing, Cinematography and Soundtrack:1/2, Viewer: 1/2, Animation: 1.5/2, Wow Factor:0.5/1 (For incorporating several genres in a fun manner except the musical part. Yesss! This is such a good jam???? LOVE your music???? Always something you can dance along to.




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