Gundam 40th Anniversary Celebration: Chars Counterattack
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Countries: USA; runtime: 135Min

Fathom Events and Sunrise Inc. are marking a major mecha milestone with a one-night only theatrical release of the re-mastered 1988 feature Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. The one-night-only special screening is set for Thursday, December 5 at 7 p. m. local time, in select theaters nationwide. Set in the Universal Century timeline of the celebrated franchise, Char’s Counterattack was the first original Gundam theatrical release and marks the culmination of the original saga started in Mobile Suit Gundam and continued in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. In addition to the feature presentation, Gundam 40th Anniversary Celebration: Char’s Counterattack event audiences will also be treated to an exclusive interview with the creator of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino, as well as newly-captured content from Anime NYC 2019. Synopsis: Amuro and Char, two best mobile suit pilots who fought together against the Titans after the Jion’s war of independence, must face each other in a fateful duel where the Char-led Neo-Jion, attempt to drop a gigantic meteor and nuclear weapons on Earth in order to cause Nuclear Winter to wipe out its inhabitants. Tickets for Gundam 40th Anniversary Celebration: Char’s Counterattack can be purchased online at and at participating theater box offices. Moviegoers throughout the U. S. will be able to enjoy this event in approximately 400 select movie theaters. A complete list of theater locations will be available on the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack.
The 40th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise is roaring on in style. Not only is Yoshiyuki Tomino coming to Anime NYC 2019, but one of the fan-favorite features?1988's Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack ?is coming to U. S. theaters for a one-night screening event. Tickets are now on sale for the screenings, which will be held at select theaters on Thursday, December 5 at 7:00pm local time. Those who attend will also get to check out an exclusive interview with Tomino, and you can see a trailer for Gundam 40th Anniversary Celebration: Char’s Counterattack below. Synopsis: Amuro and Char, two best mobile suit pilots who fought together against Titans after the Jion's independency war, must face each other in a fateful duel where the Char-led Neo-Jion, attempt to drop a gigantic meteor and nuclear weapons on Earth in order to cause Nuclear Winter to wipe out its inhabitants. ------- Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. You can read his webcomic, BIG DUMB FIGHTING IDIOTS at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter @Moldilox.
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Famed Director Will Commemorate 40 Years of the Japanese Mobile Suit Gundam Phenomenon New York, NY (August 12, 2019) - Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll and SUNRISE today announced Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator and director of the Mobile Suit Gundam television series, will participate in this year's Anime NYC as an Official Guest. This will be Mr. Tomino's only US appearance to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of one of Japan's most long-running and influential anime franchises. Anime NYC is New York's largest anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture convention. It will welcome over 40, 000 attendees when it returns to the Javits Center for its third year on November 15-17, 2019. In addition to Mr. Tomino, it will showcase major names from across the anime world including Riichiro Inagaki and Boich, creators of hit manga series Dr. Stone, and Lantis Matsuri 2019 at Anime NYC, a mega concert with Japanese musicians JAM Project, TRUE, ZAQ, and Guilty Kiss from Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours. The original Mobile Suit Gundam television series debuted on April 7, 1979 and told a unique story about the horrors of war and towering humanoid weapons called “Mobile Suits”. The success of Mobile Suit Gundam would go on to inspire over 20 television series, 10 movies, and a toy line centered around “Gunpla” model kits. Over 500 million Gunpla models have been sold around the world, and Gundam is one of the top 15 highest-grossing media franchises on the planet. A live-action Gundam film is currently in development at Legendary Entertainment. The Gundam saga is produced by SUNRISE, a storied anime studio also responsible for such hit titles as Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Escaflowne, Tiger & Bunny, and Love Live! Central to Gundam is Director Yoshiyuki Tomino. His realistic approach to war and robots defined Gundam and redefined storytelling in the anime industry. Gundam 's impact continues to this day and has influenced countless popular titles including Evangelion, Macross, Patlabor, Code Geass, Full Metal Panic!, Knights of Sidonia, and VOTOMS. Mr. Tomino has remained involved across Gundam 's 40 year history, and he's personally created and directed many of Gundam 's television series and feature films including Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Char's Counterattack, Gundam F91, Victory Gundam, Turn A Gundam, and Gundam: Reconguista in G. Mr. Tomino will appear at Anime NYC for panel discussions, autograph sessions, and special events. He will be part of large Gundam 40th Anniversary festivities at Anime NYC. These festivities include the final US contest for the 2019 Gunpla Builders World Cup, an annual international competition featuring Gunpla model builders from across the planet. The US Gunpla Builders World Cup winner will go on to compete in Tokyo against model makers from Japan, Australia, Italy, France, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. “We couldn't be more proud to welcome Yoshiyuki Tomino to New York City, ” said Peter Tatara, Anime NYC's Event Director. “Mr. Tomino created a story beloved by fans across Japan and all over the world, and we're honored to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Gundam saga together with him! ” Anime NYC will continue to announce more guests throughout the summer and fall, and attendees can look forward to the latest from sponsors, partners, and publishers including Crunchyroll, Animate, Aniplex, Bandai Namco Arts, EVA Air, Funimation, GKIDS, HIDIVE, Kinokuniya, Kodansha Comics, Sentai Filmworks, SUNRISE, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Vertical, Viz Media, and Yen Press. Fans wanting to learn the latest can follow Anime NYC on Facebook and Twitter. Tickets to this year's Anime NYC are available now. ABOUT YOSHIYUKI TOMINO: Mr. Tomino was born in 1941 in Odawara, Japan. After graduating from the Nihon University College of Art Cinema Department, he went to work for Mushi Production where he worked on the anime TV series Astro Boy. He then went freelance and drew storyboards and directed numerous Japanese animation projects. His major directorial efforts include Triton of the Sea, The Unchallengeable Daitarn 3, Mobile Suit Gundam, Space Runaway Ideon, and Gundam: Reconguista in G. He has also written lyrics for the theme songs of some of his projects himself and has written novels. Further, he is president of the Anime Tourism Association. He won the Leopard of Honour at the 2009 Locarno Film Festival and the Golden Romics Award at Italy's 2017 Romics Festival. ABOUT ANIME NYC POWERED BY CRUNCHYROLL: Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll is New York City's anime convention! A showcase of the best of Japanese pop culture in the biggest city in America, Anime NYC brings anime fans and publishers together for three days of unique exhibits, exclusive screenings, extensive panels, and appearances by some of the biggest creators in Japan. This year's event takes place November 15-17 in New York's Javits Center, and we invite you to join over 40, 000 fans for a celebration of Japanese animation, manga, cosplay, movies, food, fashion, travel, technology, toys, and games in the heart of NYC! For more, visit bookmark/share with: Press Release homepage / archives.
Gundam 40th Anniversary Project Announced | ResetEra #1 Gundam is old! The live stream just ended earlier. They announced various stuff: Gundam Beyond MSG Hathaway’s Flash MSG G-Reco Gekijouban project MSGThe Origin - coming Apr 2019 SD Gundam World - Sangoku Soketsuden UCNext100 - A Universal Century 100 year recap More info: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam" being broadcast as a TV series in 2019, it was announced today, November 21, 2018 (Wed. ) that Bandai Namco Holdings, Sotsu, and Sunrise will launch the "Mobile Suit GUNDAM's 40th Anniversary Project" from 2019 through 2020. The project concept is "BEYOND"! This project's concept is "BEYOND", which means "to go beyond all things. " The "Gundam series" has been expanding for 40 years now, the number of works have been increasing, the fans generations and countries, their tastes have also diversified. Beyond the frame of the individual works of Gundam, beyond borders, beyond generations, to approach a wide variety of people, those are the thoughts put into this. The project logo is imagined as an expression of "An encounter with an unknown Gundam, and that encounter will form a new link and create a moebius. " Simultaneously, the "Gundam series" is represented by an impressive scene of "sunlight peeking in over the earth" as a motif. 4 different key visuals released! The four different key visuals released this time as a collaboration with each other are "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans" and "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" and "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", and "Gundam Reconguista in G" and "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN". Based on the project's concept of "BEYOND", it goes beyond the frame of each work, and a world where they could coexist together is depicted. Five works will be launched from 2019 to 2020! "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN" TV Series This work focuses around "Char Aznable", also known as the "Red Comet", who originally appeared as a character in the 1979 broadcast of "Mobile Suit Gundam". Based on the six theatrical events that took place from 2014 through 2018, a 13 episode TV series was re-edited, and will be broadcast starting April 2019 on NHK Terrestrial. Also, regarding this series, SUGIZO, who is handling the 40th anniversary project theme song, will aso be producing all the opening and ending songs. Beginning with new songs that hint at Gundam's future, various featured artists will cover famous Gundam songs, and LUNA SEA is in charge of all opening songs. "Gundam Build Series" New Work The "Gundam Build Series" is "An anime based on moving Gundam plastic model kits", and began with the 2013 TV broadcast of "Gundam Build Fighters". A sequel work to the April through September 2018 TV broadcast of "Gundam Build Divers" is currently in planning stages. Details will be released on the official website as soon as they are available. Enjoy the next report. "SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden" SD Gundam celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018, primarily through manga and card games, and a focus on plastic model kits, children loved the series. This time, a new work which could be enjoyed by children all over the world has been decided upon. "Gundam Reconguista in G Theatrical Movie" A theatrical version with lots of new cuts and scenes added in to the 2014 broadcast of "Gundam Reconguista in G" will be screened in theaters 2019. Additionally, director Yoshiyuki Tomino will appear at "JAPAN EXPO" in Paris, France. "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash" Based upon the 1989 novel of the same name written by Yoshiyuki Tomino, it is being made into a movie trilogy. The second part of the "UC NexT 0100" project announced this spring, it is a work set in the stream of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" Universal Century timeline. At the November 30, 2018 (Fri) nationwide road show of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", an advance trailer will be screened. Lock if Gundam. Last edited: Nov 21, 2018 #3 "MSG G-Reco Gekijouban project" huh, thought they forgot about this #4 Time to drop a few more colonies #5 I really fucking hope Hathaway is way better in Hathaway’s Flash compared to CCA. He's the most angst. #6 Gundam Age anime that base from novels or game when? #7 A word on the Origin: It's just the OVAs recut into a TV series, just like Unicorn RE:0096. And Reconguista is a compilation movie. This was really disappointing, but we at least got some cool artwork (these don't mean anything as far as future projects, they're literally just artwork for the anniversary): #9 More Origin? I thought it was over. Are they finally going to animate the One Year War? #11 They announced a new Build series as well. #12 Interesting. Haven't seen SD gundam in a while. #14 Just a TV recut of what they've already released, like what Unicorn received, unfortunately. #16 Wonder will there be a new SD G Generations title... Guess they finally getting around to animate Penelope. #17 their 40th anniversary projects are just the usual stuff that's been coming for years --- compilation movie of a series, ova re-edit tv series and sequel to an OVA. Remake Gundam already goddammit. Sunrise is being such a Square-Enix. #19 G REfo movie is actually next year!!! Yeeeeeees #20 OMGGGGGGG HATHAWAY'S FLASH!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE I WAS A CHILD! #21 The pro-Hathaway lobby laid the groundwork in SRW V, where he’s a decent character and I’ve kind of warmed up on him. This is probably the most interesting part of the announcement. #22 Huh, I always wondered how far they would take The Origin movie adaptations. I guess they were mostly focusing on Char's story and cut off at a good point? I think I missed the most recent one completely because I was on a business trip.... Can't wait for G-Reco movie. The series was a goddamn mess, but a very entertaining mess. #23 I'm actually not too familiar with Hathaway's Flash either than the fact that it's about Bright Noa' son... But Didn't his son died like a bitch or something in this story? It was straight up bad end for him wasn't it? #24 Finally G-Reco date. Hope it will be at least trilogy. It’s somehow be one of my fav Gundam show and anime. #25 Hathaway's Flash!? HOTDAMN! #26 Not a big G-Reco fan but won't complain if this means we finally get the MG Ver Ka G-Self #27 In for that G-Reco. I actually love the core of that series and it can be improved a lot with the movies, the story has heart. Will watch the other stuff, but nothing too exciting. Hathaway never looked too interesting to me and while I liked Build Divers, I was not desperate for a new announcement now -- I hope they keep the cast instead of doing a Try thing. If the posters are hinting at more 00, IBO and Wing. Meh. #30 Looking forward to Gundam 00 sequel #31 Reminder not to consort with the Universal Century Very curious about this G Reco movie since apparently Tomino will be able to do what he couldn't do in the anime #32 And still know Crossbone Gundam anime? Fuck this. #33 I'm looking at that image, and my mind is full of "What the hell is that thing? How is it supposed to move with junk pointing out everywhere? " #34 I am killing for some Crossbone Gundam in anime form. I'll settle and live for Hathaway's Flash, tho. Any statement on because it's an animated film that it will retcon itself to match the animated version of Char's Counterattack? #35 I wish I could say this, but if the other options are 00/Wing/IBO, then I'll take UC. #36 Lol it was a serious crotch kick to EVERYONE involved. Hathaway is caught by the EFSF and is executed by Bright Noa. But Bright was told to give the order without knowing that it was his own son. Once he found out he immediately retired, and fell into deep depression. He eventually recovered and opened a resturant with his remaining family. I have no idea how Mirai took it but as far as I know she is still with Bright. Hathaway meets Quess in the afterlife and she essentially tells him "I never loved you lol" and flies off. Tomino must have been pissed. #37 looks like a very boring anniversary #38 So, is the theme 'Beyond'? I couldn't tell from the statement and visuals for this Anninversary Event. #39 Make the G Reco movie sequel cowards Animate Frozen Teardrop while you're at it too #40 "Hathaway meets Quess in the afterlife and she essentially tells him "I never loved you lol" and flies off. " AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! #41 Anti war propaganda Tomino at full genki is the best. Tsukame puraido #42 Hathaway’s Flash should be good. #43 Wait, what? Didn't Tomino write Hathaway's Flash? #44 As I've learned; when Tomino is angry and upset, he takes it out on the characters (see Victory). #45 As I've learned, when Tomino is angry and upset, he takes it out on the characters (see Victory). Yeah. Hathaway totally deserved it, though. Bright didn't. But I guess if you put it like that, the pissed takes on another meaning. I read it as "Tomino must have been pissed about what they did to his characters". #46 Those posters look pretty nice. #48 Awesome posters. Let's not forget Hathaway is a punk. #49 None of these posters have Kira. I am pleasantly surprised. #50 Times goes by, and the SEED movie is still in development hell. Good.

This topic contains spoilers - you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them Go see CCA in theaters December 5th. Have to assume that's dubbed? I could not watch it dubbed. Pretty awesome though. Lol. Char's line about Nanai not interfering with the matters of men was a bit cringeworthy, yeah. Normally don't mind the dub though. Will have to see if they have it showing anywhere near me. RX-78-6 (Topic Creator) 4 months ago #4 Not 100% guaranteed that they will play the dubbed version but one would assume so since one exists. If I find out anything, I’ll post it. RX-78-6 (Topic Creator) 4 months ago #5 So far the listing still shows subbed so yay. I think we can all agree that the sooner Quess dies the better. I’m kinda hopeful that we will see another teaser for Hataways Flash. RX-78-6 posted... Not 100% guaranteed that they will play the dubbed version but one would assume so since one exists. it doesn't a person still want to watch this movie in a threater, s/he probably already know the story very well.









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