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  • Chui shao ren is a movie starring Jiayin Lei, Wei Tang, and Xi Qi. Following a fatal accident, a Chinese expatriate working for a mining company in Australia discovers that new technology developed by the company may be a health
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Director: Mick Jackson Stars: Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall Mystery 5. 4 / 10 As a man contemplates moving to a new state with his wife for her graduate program, an old flame - a woman who often changes identities - reenters his life at a birthday dinner party. Joshua Marston Erin Darke, Hansel Tan Romance 7. 4 / 10 A widower is determined to get to the bottom of a potentially explosive secret involving his wife's murder, big business, and corporate corruption. Fernando Meirelles Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston 6. 2 / 10 The wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot. Terence Davies Tom Hiddleston, Ann Mitchell Adventure 7. 2 / 10 A historical drama set in Roman Egypt, concerning a slave who turns to the rising tide of Christianity in the hope of pursuing freedom while falling in love with his mistress, the philosophy and mathematics professor Hypatia of Alexandria. Alejandro Amenábar Max Minghella, Oscar Isaac Thriller 6. 9 / 10 Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) is a long-serving MI5 officer. His boss and best friend Benedict Baron (Sir Michael Gambon) dies suddenly, leaving behind him an inexplicable file, threatening... See full summary ?? David Hare Bill Nighy, Tom Hughes Crime Jake Vig (Burns) is a consummate grifter about to pull his biggest con yet, one set to avenge his friend's murder. But his last scam backfired, leaving him indebted to a mob boss (Hoffman) and his enforcer. James Foley Edward Burns, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz 6. 8 / 10 In 1965, three Mossad Agents cross into East Berlin to apprehend a notorious Nazi war criminal. Thirty years later, the secrets the Agents share come back to haunt them. John Madden Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington, Tom Wilkinson Comedy A quiet, unassuming man begins to change in a major way as a result of meeting a new, art-student girlfriend, and his friends are unsettled by the transformation. Neil LaBute Paul Rudd, Gretchen Mol Action 5. 6 / 10 Following a fatal accident, a Chinese expatriate working for a mining company in Australia discovers that new technology developed by the company may be a health risk, and investigates a web of conspiracies in his search for the truth. Xiaolu Xue Jiayin Lei, Wei Tang, Xi Qi 6 / 10 Soon after moving into their seemingly idyllic new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against former residents of the dwelling. Jim Sheridan Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts A dramatic thriller that weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships. Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins Edit Storyline Inspired by true events, Kathy (Rachel Weisz) is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she uncovers a dangerous reality of corruption, cover-up and intrigue amid a world of private contractors and multinational diplomatic doubletalk. Written by Production Plot Summary Add Synopsis Taglines: Nothing is more dangerous than the truth. Motion Picture Rating ( MPAA) Rated R for disturbing violent content including a brutal sexual assault, graphic nudity and language See all certifications ?? Details Release Date: 27 October 2011 (Germany) See more ?? Also Known As: The Whistleblower Box Office Opening Weekend USA: $61, 002, 7 August 2011 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $1, 870, 392 See more on IMDbPro ?? Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs ?? Did You Know? Trivia Bolkovac's case was actually the second against DynCorp (Democra in the movie) alleging misbehavior in Bosnia. Air mechanic Ben Johnston has also sued the company, alleging he was sacked because he had uncovered evidence that DynCorp employees were involved in 'sexual slavery' and selling arms. See more ? Goofs As Kathryn walks down the hallway of the Holiday Inn, a shot shows her view looking down the hall. A man is on her left walking toward her. The next shot shows Kathryn's front as she keeps walking down the hall. The man has passed her and his now on her right. See more ? Quotes [ first lines] Raya: [ in Ukrainian] I have to get home. Mama's gonna kill me. Luba: No. You are staying with me tonight. Roman wants us there at nine in the morning. Raya, we've been over this. It's just a few months working in a hotel. Yes, but... You want to work at a Copyshack like your mother? He said it was both of us or nothing! Raya:.. [ walks away] See more ? Soundtracks The Beauty Within Written by Suma Ograda Published by Dennis Music Ethnic Production Music Library Courtesy of The Music People Ltd. See more ?.
One of the best Carter Wong Classics that i can watch over and over again.?. I.m in indonesia... I like it. Sooo. why do the scientists all have guns. I was in New York when i heard this song. This song reminds me my days in Macau. Its been 10 years living there. I'm leaving now and although I won't miss it, I will miss my friends. English Subtitles. 1 nomination. See more awards ?? Videos Learn more More Like This Crime | Drama Thriller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6. 8 / 10 X Desperate measures are taken by a man who tries to save his family from the dark side of the law, after they commit an unexpected crime. Director: Sam Quah Stars: Yang Xiao, Zhuo Tan, Joan Chen Adventure Comedy Zheng Xu Zheng Xu, Quan Yuan, Bing Jia Directors: Lu Liu, Shen Zhou Xun Liu, Suxi Ren, Min Tang Romance 7. 5 / 10 A bullied teenage girl forms an unlikely friendship with a mysterious young man who protects her from her assailants, all while she copes with the pressures of her final examinations. Derek Tsang Dongyu Zhou, Jackson Yee, Fang Yin History 6. 4 / 10 An anthology film consist of 7 short stories directed by several different directors, which are based on 7 moments since the founding of People's Republic of China. Bo Huang, Qianyuan Wang, Hao Ou 6 / 10 When the windshield of his commercial airplane shatters at 30, 000 feet in the air, a pilot and his flight crew work to ensure the safety of the passengers and land the plane. Andrew Lau Hanyu Zhang, Hao Ou, Jiang Du The film revolves around a Chinese man who returns to New Zealand following the death of his wife and begins to discover that she harbored a number of secrets. Xiaogang Feng Xuan Huang, Caiyu Yang, Lydia Peckham Action 5. 9 / 10 After they uncover evidence that there is corruption in the police force, three police officers in Hong Kong try to discover which of them can be trusted. Jazz Boon Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Francis Ng 6. 1 / 10 The kidnapper is so inept that his businessman target takes over the operation and recruits him to run three operations for him. Fei Li You Ge, Shan Qiao, Wei Zhao Horror 2. 5 / 10 After the tragic loss of his wife battling the forces of darkness, Gabriel is persuaded to rejoin his former team of demon hunters traveling from relatively obscurity in America to the deep... See full summary ?? Ali Zamani Nicola Posener, Caroline Amiguet, Filareta Atanasova 6. 9 / 10 A gangster on the run sacrifices everything for his family and a woman he meets while on the lam. Yi'nan Diao Ge Hu, Lun-Mei Kwei, Fan Liao Biography The Kung Fu master travels to the U. S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school. Wilson Yip Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan Edit Storyline Following a fatal accident, a Chinese expatriate working for a mining company in Australia discovers that new technology developed by the company may be a health risk, and investigates a web of conspiracies in his search for the truth. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 6 December 2019 (China) See more ?? Also Known As: The Whistleblower Box Office Budget: AUD50, 000, 000 (estimated) Opening Weekend USA: $150, 481, 8 December 2019 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $7, 505, 141 See more on IMDbPro ?? Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs ?? Did You Know? Trivia Around 350 people from Melbourne's African community were cast as extras. See more ? Goofs There is no such airport or terminal at Melbourne Airport called "Melbourne Executive Airport" See more ?.
It is Mando and I'm a White guy i know XD My gf's Chinese but yeah it's Mandarin. This song makes me positively joyful! The spirit of this song is really powerful. My French friends showed me this. This is cool but I dont understand what he saying ??. Inget masa masa pacaran dulu. ?.

A government whistleblower alleged that the Department of Health and Human Services sent workers to help evacuees from Wuhan, China ? the epicenter of the coronavirus ? without giving them proper protective gear or training. According to The Washington Post and The New York Times, the whistleblower is a senior HHS official based in Washington, DC. The person said workers were sent to two bases in California to assist in processing American evacuees from China without being trained in safety protocol and without adequate protection. The first case of a US patient becoming infected with coronavirus through "community spread" took place near one of those bases earlier this week. The whistleblower alleged that they were unfairly reassigned and threatened with termination after flagging their concerns to senior HHS officials, including those who work for HHS Secretary Alex Azar. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A whistleblower from the Department of Health and Human Services has alleged that the US sent more than a dozen government workers to assist Americans who were evacuated from Wuhan, China, without giving them proper training or protective gear, The Washington Post and The New York Times reported on Thursday. The whistleblower is a senior HHS official based in Washington, DC, and oversees employees at the Administration for Children and Families unit within the federal agency, according to The Post and The Times. Wuhan is the epicenter of the global coronavirus outbreak, which has infected 82, 000 people ? most of them in mainland China ? and killed 2, 800. The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the outbreak could become a pandemic, and US public-health officials announced this week they expected it to spread throughout the country. Lawyers for the whistleblower told The Post that the workers sent to help American evacuees did not show symptoms of the infection and have not been tested for the virus. The Times, which obtained a portion of the complaint that was submitted to the Office of the Special Counsel, reported that the team sent to assist the evacuees was "improperly deployed" to two military bases in California to aid in processing the Americans, who were evacuated from China and elsewhere. According to The Times, the workers went to Travis Air Force Base and March Air Reserve Base and were ordered to go into quarantined areas without proper training in how to handle infectious diseases and inadequate protective gear. The whistleblower said the officials were not trained in how to follow safety protocols until five days later, according to The Times. The Times said the first case of a US patient becoming infected with coronavirus through " community spread " took place near Travis Air Force Base earlier this week.? Moreover, the whistleblower alleged that they were unfairly reassigned after flagging their concerns to senior HHS officials, including those who work for HHS Secretary Alex Azar. On February 19, the person was told they had 15 days to accept their new job or they would be terminated, The Post reported. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Wednesday that the public needed to brace itself as the COVID-19 virus, known as the novel coronavirus, sweeps the globe and is increasingly likely to spread within the US ? a possibility that would most likely force changes to daily life for many Americans. "It's not so much of a question of if this will happen in this country anymore but a question of when this will happen, " Nancy Messonnier, the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC, said during a press call on Tuesday. "We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad. " Messonnier also said the agency was "preparing as if we are going to see community spread in the near term, " adding that the outbreak could soon lead to a "disruption to everyday life. " But President Donald Trump has so far brushed off concerns of a pandemic and said, despite repeated warnings from medical experts and health professionals, that the disease is under control. If the coronavirus breaks out in the US and forces the quarantining of American towns and cities, Trump's refusal to acknowledge its seriousness, on top of years of cuts to public health, could prove a massive political liability. Health experts told Insider ?public trust and cooperation by local, state, and federal officials were essential to treating those infected with the virus and limiting its spread. In China, the? unprecedented spread of the coronavirus ?is a massive test of President Xi Jinping's authoritarian system and the surveillance state he's built up over the years. It's also? straining the global economy ?and has affected the profits for multinational giants like Apple as schools, factories, and businesses across China remain shuttered and millions of people are quarantined and unable to work.
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Msh zaman smk dulu. ahahhahah. This article is about the 2010 film. For the 1986 film starring Michael Caine, see The Whistle Blower. The Whistleblower Promotional poster Directed by Larysa Kondracki Produced by Christina Piovesan Amy Kaufman Celine Rattray Benito Mueller Wolfgang Mueller Written by Larysa Kondracki Eilis Kirwan Starring Rachel Weisz David Strathairn Nikolaj Lie Kaas Anna Anissimova Monica Bellucci Vanessa Redgrave Music by Mychael Danna [1] Cinematography Kieran McGuigan [1] Edited by Julian Clarke [2] Production company Voltage Pictures Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films Release date 13?September?2010 ( TIFF) 12?August?2011 (Canada) 27?October?2011 (Germany) Running time 112 minutes Country Canada Germany United States [3] Language English Box office $1. 1 million [4] The Whistleblower is a 2010 Canadian-German-American biographical crime drama film directed by Larysa Kondracki and starring Rachel Weisz. Kondracki and Eilis Kirwan wrote the screenplay, which was inspired by the story of Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska police officer who was recruited as a United Nations peacekeeper for DynCorp International in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1999. While there, she discovered a sex trafficking ring serving (and facilitated by) DynCorp employees, with international peacekeepers turning a blind eye. Bolkovac was fired and forced out of the country after attempting to shut down the ring. She took the story to BBC News in the UK and won a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against DynCorp. Kondracki wanted her debut film to concern human trafficking, and she encountered Bolkovac's story in college. She and Kirwan struggled to obtain financial support for the project. Eight years after Kondracki decided to produce the film, she secured funding and cast Weisz in the lead role. The Whistleblower ?a co-production of Canada, Germany, and the United States?was filmed in Romania from October to December 2009. The Whistleblower premiered on 13 September 2010, at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Samuel Goldwyn Films distributed the film in theaters in the United States. The film was advertised as a fictionalization of events occurring during the late 1990s. Kondracki said that the facts are broadly accurate but some details were omitted for the film; for example, a three-week "breaking-in" period for trafficking victims was not shown. The film received mixed reviews. The performances by Weisz and her co-stars were praised, but the intense violence depicted in several scenes was debated by critics, with some calling it exploitative. Kondracki and Weisz responded that what happened in Bosnia had been toned down for the film. The Whistleblower received several awards and nominations, including three nominations at the 2012 Genie Awards. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hosted a screening of the film and promised action would be taken to prevent further instances of human trafficking. The Guardian reported that other UN officials attempted to downplay the events depicted and that initiatives against trafficking in Bosnia were aborted. Plot [ edit] Kathryn Bolkovac is a police officer from Lincoln, Nebraska, who accepts an offer to work with the United Nations International Police in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina for a British company, Democra Security (a pseudonym for DynCorp International). [5] After successfully advocating for a Muslim woman who experienced domestic abuse, Kathryn is appointed head of the department of gender affairs. Raya, a young Ukrainian woman, and her friend Luba are sold to a Bosnian sex-trafficking ring by a relative. Raya escapes with Irka, another girl forced into prostitution, and they are sent to a women's shelter for victims of human trafficking. While investigating their case, Kathryn uncovers a large-scale sexual slavery ring utilized by international personnel (including Americans). She persuades Raya and Irka to testify against their traffickers in court, guaranteeing their safety; however, an indifferent UN official drops Irka at the border between Bosnia and Serbia when she cannot produce a passport. Although rescued from the woods by Kathryn, Irka is too afraid to proceed with the trial. Meanwhile, Raya is recaptured by the traffickers after a corrupt peacekeeper tips them off. To deter other girls from running away and talking to the authorities, the traffickers make an example out of Raya by brutally raping her with a metal pipe in front of them. When she brings the scandal to the attention of the UN, Kathryn discovers that it has been covered up to protect lucrative defense and security contracts. However, she finds allies in her investigation: Madeleine Rees, head of the Human Rights Commission, and internal-affairs specialist Peter Ward. As her investigation continues, Kathryn is met with threats on her answering machine and dead ends when highers-up override and close all the Internal Affairs cases. Still, she continues to try to find Raya, and finally locates her on a raid, but Raya refuses to come with her. A few days later, Raya is found dead, having been shot in the head by one of the traffickers, Ivan. Kathryn sends an email to fifty senior mission personnel detailing her findings; she is then fired from her job. She and Ward acquire evidence of an official admitting the scandal before she is forced to leave the country, and she brings it to the BBC News. The final credits note that after Kathryn's departure, a number of peacekeepers were sent home (although none faced criminal charges because of immunity laws), and the U. S. continues doing business with private contractors such as Democra Security (including billion-dollar contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan). Cast [ edit] Production [ edit] Writing [ edit] There were so many people in the same situation as her. They saw what was going on, and they didn't respond in the way that she did. ? Rachel Weisz on Kathryn Bolkovac [6] The Whistleblower is based on the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, an American police officer who in 1999 was assigned to serve as a peacekeeper with the United Nations in post-war Bosnia. While there, she reportedly discovered a sex-trafficking ring which served and was facilitated by other peacekeepers. Bolkovac was fired after trying to investigate the ring, but later won a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. [6] Director Larysa Kondracki and co-screenwriter Eilis Kirwan learned of Bolkovac's story while attending Columbia University, eight years before the film's production. Kondracki subsequently devoted significant time to research human trafficking and the sex trade. After Bolkovac sold her the film rights for $100, [7] she resolved to adapt the story for the screen. [6] Financing for the project was initially difficult to secure, although the situation improved after Rachel Weisz was cast as Bolkovac. "I was young and naïve, " Kondracki said of her initial attempts to secure funding. "I thought: 'Of course they're going to make my film. It's brilliant! '" [6] The Whistleblower was described as a "fictionalized dramatic presentation" of a late-1990s scandal. The producers based it on Bolkovac's experiences, rather than on her memoir. [5] Vanessa Redgrave played Madeleine Rees, a UN human-rights official ("one of the film's few heroic characters") who helps Bolkovac uncover the sex trade. Raya ( Roxana Condurache) and Luba (Paula Schramm), two Ukrainian young women who are trafficked into Bosnia, are the primary representations of the trafficking victims encountered by Bolkovac. Neither is based on a particular person; they are composites of young women forced to work in Bosnian brothels. Kondracki's younger sister, Rayisa, also played a trafficking victim. [8] For legal reasons the pseudonym "Democra Security" was used for DynCorp International, the organization whose employees reportedly sexually enslaved the women. [5] Although the producers kept the film factual, they debated how much to include. Details on the bureaucracy were removed. Kondracki said, "It was too much information and, frankly, people were bored. " [6] Another concern was how much violence against the sex-trafficking victims should be depicted in the film. Kondracki chose to bluntly portray the inhumane treatment of the young women, which she described as accurate representations of what happened. [5] This included a graphic scene, in which Raya is raped with a lead pipe after her escape and recapture. Weisz thought the reality had been toned down, "In real life there were girls doing this as young as 8 years old. " [6] Kondracki agreed, saying that she had lightened the events depicted out of fear that viewers would "tune it out": [5] We show what is just about permissible to show. We couldn't possibly include the three-week desensitisation period, when they burn the girls in particular places. We couldn't really capture the hopelessness of life these women are subjected to. [9] Kondracki said that her goal for The Whistleblower was "information and exposure" on human trafficking. She said, "No one is putting pressure on governments to stop it, and there is no accountability. It's laziness. " [6] Filming [ edit] The Whistleblower is a Canadian?German co-production. [8] Weisz received the script from producer Amy Kaufman in 2007. Since she was pregnant with her son at the time, [10] she initially turned down the offer. She said the story haunted her, [11] and she later contacted Kaufman to ask if the project was still available. [11] She signed on in August 2009, [12] and shooting began in October 2009. [13] [14] Bolkovac visited the set in Bucharest, Romania, where most of the movie was filmed. [11] Weisz said that she made a point to spend "every waking moment" with her to accurately portray her. [10] Weisz and Bolkovac are dissimilar in appearance: the former is dark-haired and slight, and the latter is "blond and much more voluptuous" and "much taller". As a result, the actress focused on emulating Bolko
Thank you Jackie Chan, just Thank you for everything, for the inspiration, for being a great human. 天地晦盲 天涯漂泊 一部曲.









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