Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story
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About The Author: Flavio Tranquillo
Biography: A father & husband who loves basketball, hates Mafia and lives a great life

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release date=2019
Jump Shot uncovers the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors, the proclaimed developer of the modern day jump shot in basketball. He defined the game, but only now is he ready to share his thoughts on why the game never defined him
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James Naismith was the first coach of KU basketball. Take Home The Award Raptors ??????? ?Dr James Naismith is smiling down on the Victors ! Congratulations to the World Champs. This video pissed me off so I wrote an essay. naismith became an American citizen in 1925, 34 years after he invented the game. At least 10 of the students in the game were university students from Quebec. the idea that baseball was invented in the US is also a myth based off a 1838 baseball game in beachville, Ontario. This is agreed upon by John Thorne, the official historian for MLB. Finally, American football originated from two games between harvard university and Canadian McGill university in 1874. the first game was played using harvard's rules, which involved a round ball and was more like soccer. the second game was played using McGill's rules which used an oval ball. the Canadian rules introduced ' downs' and tackling to the game as well. Americans tend to cite a game that occurred a year later between harvard and yale as the start of American football, though the game was played using the Canadian rules. so there, Canada invented all your sports.
Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 4. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story remix. I noticed they did not mention at all he was a pastor a man of God. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story of seasons. Sir James was originally from Canada bud lol ??????. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 3. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story At Harkins Theatres Coming Soon Release Date Rating Genre Director Starring Kenny Sailors, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Bobby Knight Distributor Registration Complete! Start earning points today My Harkins Awards # Download our mobile app for easy access to your account showtimes and more! A year of popcorn for only $30! Receive one hot fresh Medium Popcorn each time you go to the movies! * Over $260 value! *Purchase Popcorn Perks ® for your My Harkins Awards membership and you will receive one hot fresh Harkins Medium Popcorn, each time you go to the movies. Valid for up to 12 months or 36 total popcorns, whichever comes first. Terms and Conditions apply. Add Popcorn Perks Continue to Account You are about to leave to begin an online ticket purchase with one of our ticketing partners.
America. Something went wrong, but don’t fret ? let’s give it another shot.

It was invented by a Canadian Next time before posting something, do ur research

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story tiktok. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors storyid. Jump shot the kenny sailors story. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story data. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story w. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 7. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 2. No way this guy is 91. Doesnt tell much dude. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story explained. D. A. Still Suspicious of Peyote Pair Dec 11, 1996 By SCOTT HADLY, Special to The Times Crime: Bradbury won't return the hallucinogen to Paul Skyhorse Durant and Buzz Berry and questions claim of religious use. Ventura County Dist. Atty. Michael D. Bradbury said Tuesday he has no intention of returning 250 pounds of peyote to two men who were arrested for possession of the hallucinogen and then released, and he questioned their claim that they were planning to use it in Native American religious ceremonies. Although prosecutors declined to file drug charges against the pair--Paul Skyhorse Durant and a man who calls himself Buzz Berry--Bradbury said he is suspicious of what the two men were doing with 10, 000 peyote cactus buttons. Durant's criminal background also makes the men suspect, he added. "When you are dealing with someone with a longtime criminal record, your suspicions are immediately aroused, " Bradbury said. "I don't think these are two medicine men just traveling through the county. " The district attorney's office could still file charges against the men, he said. "We're still researching this, " Bradbury said. "Work is being done to determine if this was legitimately purchased in Texas and whether or not this seizure is contraband or should be returned to its rightful owners. " Bradbury, who said he is partly of Native American descent, added that he respects the right to use peyote in Native American rituals but feels that the circumstances of this case need to be investigated. The large amount of peyote in the men's van and Durant's 1984 conviction for bank robbery in Los Angeles County made Bradbury more adamant about not returning the drugs, he said. Tuesday, Ventura County Municipal Judge Steve Hintz set a Dec. 17 hearing to consider a motion filed by the pair asking for the peyote as well as sacred pipes and feathers taken during the arrest. Hintz also ordered the Ventura County Sheriff's Department to keep the peyote refrigerated to ensure that it does not spoil. Michael Schwartz, a deputy public defender who filed the motion for the men, said the case hinges on religious freedom. Both Durant and Berry are members of the Native American Church, Schwartz said. And under the 1994 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, they have the legally guaranteed right to use and transport peyote. Durant, who was acquitted of a Ventura County slaying in 1978 after a yearlong trial, contends that he is being targeted by Bradbury, who handled some of the pretrial motions on that case before it was moved to Los Angeles. Durant and another man, Richard Mohawk, spent more than three years in Ventura County Jail on suspicion of killing cabdriver George Aird, whose mutilated body was found in 1974 near an American Indian Movement camp in Box Canyon, southeast of Simi Valley. The trial was widely known as the Mohawk-Skyhorse case. In 1984, Durant and Mohawk were convicted in a Los Angeles federal court for a bank robbery during which a customer was shot and wounded. Durant was sentenced to eight years in prison, and Mohawk was sentenced to 20 years.
Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story karaoke. There is no God. Nothing to discuss there. EXCELLENT video. take this to heart.

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story of b

Im committed! Im on a 40 day super strict healthy eating plan with my hubby! On day 5 and going ok, still craving unhealthy foods but Im not giving in, eating salads and fruit ! Keep going guys stay strong and do it for you! X.

Wow, what a great story. Better than watching cat video by far

This is wrong it was invented in CANADA I should know I live there and I learned about it. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 8. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors storytelling. I just want to say that you have an awesome personality. You should be proud of that! Good luck with your journey with health. Wishing you the best dude. Wyoming LARAMIE, Wyo. ? The little windmill is long gone, just a small patch of concrete marks where it once stood three-quarters of a century ago. The thawing remnants of another hard Wyoming winter hold back the scrawly brush that normally covers the spot. Just a few feet away stands the base of the old farm well, on top of which lies a new backboard and basketball hoop, waiting to be attached to the house that now stands 20 feet away. The old house burned down decades ago and the land houses a show pig farm. More than 80 years earlier, teenager Barton (Bud) Sailors nailed a cruder version of a hoop to the old windmill so his little brother, Kenny, could play basketball, at least when the boy wasn’t hoeing through acres of potatoes with his mother, Cora Belle, or keeping jackrabbits from ruining the crops on the lonely stretch of farmland in Hillsdale, that Cora, a single mother, had bought with some inheritance money. “(My mother) grew up on a farm and she didn’t want to raise us two boys in the city, so she bought this farm down there in Hillsdale, ” says Kenny Sailors, now 93.?“And we did all right on it. We didn’t have any money, but we had plenty to eat during the Depression, which a lot of people didn’t. We raised everything, you know. (Had a) big garden. Mom canned everything there was. We had livestock, so we had meat and we ate real well. But no money. Nobody had any money in the Great Depression. ” An unincorporated community with a population of 47 lying 23 miles east of Cheyenne, tiny Hillsdale was a town big enough for an athletic boy with golden locks and an aw-shucks smile to challenge his brother, nearly a foot taller, to a game of one-on-one basketball during their spare moments. Big enough, it turned out, for a future College Basketball Hall of Famer to find the divine spark that would spring the most innovative maneuver in the game ? the modern jump shot ? and charm basketball-loving city slickers during a maddening run to the 1943 NCAA title, the first NCAA championship played at Madison Square Garden. On March 30, 1943, Kenny Sailors led a bunch of Wyoming kids ? including an All-America center recruited from Indiana named Milo Komenich ? in a game that “had everything anybody could ask for in the way of a court contest ? speed, crafty floor generalship, great shooting and fine defensive work, ” as the Daily News saw it. He even wowed LIU’s Hall of Fame coach Clair Bee, who wrote: “It was Ken Sailors, a great little player, who saved the situation because he is enough of an individual player to carry the load... Play Sailors close, and he has the speed and dribble to go by you with a great change of pace. Play him out, and he dribbles up to you, steps back and sets ? and he can hit. ” “He's as good a man as ever walked out on this Garden court, ” said Manhattan coach Joe Daher. Sailors took advantage of flat-footed Georgetown for 16 points, the only scorer in double digits, to earn the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player award as Wyoming beat the Hoyas, 46-34. Two days later on the same floor, Sailors' 11 points helped the Cowboys complete the first “mythical national championship” with a thrilling overtime win over?National Invitation Tournament?champion St. John’s in a game to benefit the Red Cross during World War II. The victory capped a whirlwind two weeks ? “March-madness whistled up in the Garden” as Time Magazine put it ? and ushered in a golden era solidifying the Garden as the Mecca of college basketball, where it staged seven NCAA championship games in eight years to parallel the prestigious NIT. Courtesy of University of Wyoming Athletics The Shot It was on a spring day in 1934 when a 13-year-old Kenny Sailors first conceived the shot that would spread all over the world. Then he was just a 5-foot-6 kid trying to shoot over his much taller older brother Bud, a star high school athlete in basketball and track. “He’d swat every shot I’d take, he’d swat it down in my face, ” says Sailors, who still carries that easy smile and whose wavy blonde hair has gone white now. “So I got to thinking how on earth can I shoot a ball over that big clown? “And he’d just laugh, you know. He’d say, ‘Kenny you’re just not big enough to play basketball. You’ve got to be like me. ’ He’s 6-5. He says ‘you’re going to have to find another sport. ’ " In 1934, the game revolved around the tall center. After every made basket, the centers would jump ball again, until the rules changed in 1938. Sailors continues: “And the idea was that, well, if I dribble up to him, don’t get close enough that he can block it. Just dribble up to him. He’s got to back up, or I’m going to go around him. He knew that. And I dribbled up to him and I just stopped and jumped. … So I shot the ball, I don’t know how, maybe I just threw it at the basket (two-handed). But nevertheless, it went in. And he said, ‘Kenny, that’s a good shot, if you can develop it. ’” Develop it he did. He worked on his shot tirelessly on the farm, and he continued working on it a couple of years later when the family moved 71 miles west to Laramie so Bud could play basketball at the University of Wyoming. Kenny’s height peaked at 5-10, but his knack for high jumping helped him extend above the defense of taller players who were all schooled to never leave their feet. It wasn’t easy. There were no clinics or camps or even coaches who taught the shot. It was a shot born out of necessity. A shot born out of perseverance. 'How did he ever do it anyway? ' It took Sailors more than a decade playing in college and on an undefeated Marine Corps team to perfect the form that best resembles the jumper of today’s game. Once he figured out how to control his body in mid-air, so his momentum wouldn’t carry him into a defender for a foul, he finally mastered it. Just a short time after returning from World War II, Sailors had returned to play out his last year of eligibility at Wyoming and found himself back at the Garden playing against Bee’s LIU team in January 1946. As the Daily News’ Dick Young put it: “Little Kenny Sailors was his darling, dribbling, one-hand-shooting self as he clicked for 15 points and worked like a slave. ” It was during that game that Life Magazine immortalized Kenny’s jump shot, snapping a photo of him skying so high above a defender before releasing the ball that he appears to almost break through the Garden roof. The image of Kenny is the inspiration for a 22-foot statue that has been commissioned for the University of Wyoming’s entrance to the Arena-Auditorium during a renovation project sometime after the spring of 2015. Jack Rose, a basketball junkie who grew up in Montclair, N. J., remembers seeing the shot at Kenny’s second trip to the Garden in 1942. “Here we’re going to watch (St. Francis) play some place called 'Wyoming, '” says Rose, now 86, a two-time All-State player at Blair Academy who would go on to captain the Cornell team. “We said, ‘Boy oh boy, (St. Francis) is just going to wipe them out. ’ Well, all of a sudden. as we watch the game there’s this fella Kenny Sailors, who’s the smallest guy on the court and he’s running up and down and he jumps and he makes these shots. And we said, ‘Well what’s that called? A jump shot I guess, huh? '” So Rose and his basketball rat friends went to work, attempting the maneuver for three weeks before giving up and going back to their two-handed set shots. Says Rose: “How did he ever do it anyway? ” But it wasn't all accolades and press raves. Sailors' first professional coach with the Cleveland Rebels ? Dutch Dehnert ? tried later in 1946 to rein in the shot. In the 1920s, Dehnert was an original New York Celtic along with St. John’s coach Joe Lapchick and CCNY’s Nat Holman. As Sailors recalls: “(Dehnert saw me scrimmaging), and old Dutchie he came over to me with that New York brogue, whatever you want to call it. 'Yuze guys... Sailors where’d you get that leaping one-hander. ’ I said, ‘Dutch I don’t know. I’ve been shooting that a long time. ’ He said, ‘That will never go in this league. ’ meaning the pros. He says, ‘I’ll teach you how to shoot a good two-handed set. ’” By midseason, as his playing time dwindled, Kenny went to the front office to ask for a trade or his release. Within a few days, Dehnert was sent away on an extended scouting trip. “That’s how they did it in those days, ” says Sailors, whose playing time increased after that under Roy Clifford. 'The Wyoming Kid comes to town' Sailors arrived on the Wyoming campus in the fall of 1941, two years after future Hall of Fame coach Everett (Ev) Shelton became coach, believing he would play as many as three sports ? football, basketball and wrestling. “(Shelton) said, ‘if you’re going out for football, just forget about basketball. ’ That’s what he said to me. It really shook me, you know, ” says Sailors. Shelton had to come to Wyoming to win a national championship like he had at the AAU level ? AAU ball being shaped much differently in those days, when amateur players would work for companies and play for their sponsored teams, pros without being “professional. ” Shelton’s grasp of the psychology of coaching young men set him apart from many of his peers. He harnessed his best qualities to get his Cowboys, which early in Kenny’s career included legendary broadcaster Curt Gowdy, ready for a grueling road schedule ? Wyoming played two-thirds of its games away from home during Kenny’s career. Not many quality teams were signing up to come way out to Laramie, with its elevation of over 7, 000 feet. “(She

Do your research bro. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story. Hes Canadian but whatever I guess.
Lol taking credit for Basketball, when like everyone in the comments knows its Canadian! bro. common. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story lyrics. Whats happened to you where have you gone I miss seeing you on YouTube. I love this video for how short it was. Basketball is a Canadian sport, fool. People from the United States and others around the world play and enjoy it. Im trying to find proof that duck shot like 2k says he did. That wasnt a jumper that was a post hook or post fade.










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