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Mexico Actors - Fer Ochoa genre - Drama, Documentary 8,1 of 10 directed by - Luke Lorentzen writer - Luke Lorentzen. Nocna rodzinka. TTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Ja uslyszalem ale ja kurwa jestem XD. Młoda Wieniawa licza celebrytów jednego za drugim,jak leci... Zuzka! Zrób bluzkę na cupsell'u z logiem ZiziGames :D.
Haha. 0:31 joł motherfucker ;D. Ale jałowy dialog... a najgorsze, że dziewczyny na serio tak kłapią. Waży toto 50 kilo, i pól dnia jęczy ale jestem gruuuubaaa... większość z nich za 30 lat będzie miała nadwagę lub będą otyłe. Wtedy już będą cicho. Nocna rodzinka watch docs. Najlepszy moment 5:18. Nie wiem czemu ale tak się w to wciągnełem że cały czas tego słucham ps: fabuła mocno wciąga.
Co to za muzyczka. Świetny pomysł na serię. Ten pomysł z Skailą jest świetny. uwielbiam tą serię ??.

Ja do psa podczas wigilii: mów kurwa albo nie wyjdziesz Kogo też wkurzają komentarze kto 2k20

Garniaku xD dam suba i łape w. góre xD. Kto 2020 daje like. Tomek Boski jest fajny. Kto z 2020 xdd. There are 9 million people living in Mexico City and only 45 emergency ambulances operated by the government. The densely populated capital city has been overrun by private ambulances competing for business, just like the one run by the Ochoa family in “Midnight Family” from director Luke Lorentzen. Not your typical documentary, think of the film as a nocturnal thrill ride that resembles a Mexican version of Dan Gilroys “Nightcrawler” as the ambulance crews become the ambulance chasers. Lorentzen, like Gilroy, utilizes the urban landscape to the point where it becomes a character in the film. Under a veil of darkness illuminated by the blueish glow of the citys street lamps, the Ochoa family sits in their battered ambulance listening for police codes on the scanner that signify a car accident or an emergency situation where medical attention is required. Once a call comes in, the group jumps into action led by 17-year old Juan who maneuvers through the streets of Mexico City like Ansel Elgorts “Baby” behind the wheel during a heist in Atlanta. The familys patriarch Fer, rides shotgun, bellowing orders via the ambulance loudspeaker, instructing motorists who ignore the sirens and flashing lights to get out of the way. Uncle Manuel sits in the back preparing to treat the patient while the youngest member of the family Josué, who as Greta Thunberg would say “should be in school, ” rides along for the thrill. He also cleans the ambulance for a cut of the profits. To the Mexican police the Ochoas are criminals who are attempting to pull a heist each time they respond to an emergency call. Most of the victims dont have healthcare and so the family requires cash at the time of service, whether its treating someone on the scene or transporting them to the hospital. But the family is providing healthcare that the government is not. Most of the time Mexicos officially sanctioned ambulances dont respond (theres only one for every 200, 000 people) and so the Ochoa family, whos usually on the scene in minutes, is saving lives. The real criminals are the corrupt police officers who extort money from the Ochoa family and other private ambulance services to let them operate in the city without hassle. “Midnight Family” speaks volumes about Mexicos catch-22 healthcare system. The people cant afford insurance, there are not enough government ambulances, the public hospitals are full, so victims are taken to privatized hospitals requiring cash up front. The Ochoa family runs just one of the many private ambulance services in Mexico City which lineup like taxicabs along the streets waiting for the opportunity to respond to a call and make some money. Lorentzen spent three years making the documentary after a chance meeting with the Ochoas who were parked across the street from where he was living in Mexico City. He began riding along with them and eventually they became comfortable with each other. Most of the footage you see in “Midnight Family” was taken during the final year together which explains the familys natural disposition as if the cameras arent there. The scenes where the family is responding to an emergency call are thrilling as they race against other ambulance services. Lorentzen approaches each emergency call with caution never letting the film get too graphic but theres enough blood and footage that should appease those who cant turn away from an accident. Whether they are treating a baby whos not breathing, a woman who has fallen four stories, or a car crash victim, there is an emotional connection to the Ochoa family who are sincere in their efforts to help and youll see in the film that there are many times where they dont get paid. The ace cinematography and the way the film is shot will make you forget that you are watching a documentary, but what transpires on screen is real. Its an impressive debut for Lorentzen. “Midnight Family” takes a fascinating look at a broken healthcare system and a close-knit family trying to do help while surviving on the cash of the victims in what comes across as a judgment-free zone. Fascinating. (3 stars) Now showing at Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra in Houston Joe Friar is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (Los Angeles) and the Houston Film Critics Society.? He co-founded the Victoria Film Society and reviews films for Hit Radio 104. 7 and the Victoria Advocate.

Gramy w rosyjska ruletke co 5 like ginie jedna osoba zginołeś

Drafthouse News. Wieniawa,Musiał,Zdrojkowski Moje love. Karolakowi przybyło troche centymetrów. Tylko ze w przerwie pomiędzy zębami. Siema ja fan moge ss. Skakała by. Nocna rodzinka film. Dajcie mi Suba. 3:35 powie mi ktoś kto to jest. 34:00 -ochoo zad*pa. Twoji simowie są niegrzeczni. b. Nocna rodzinka. Stary może rozpocznij serieb życie od aż do końca. 2020 kto jest halo. A w tej bajce były smoki.
Nocna rodzina. Nocna rodzinka online. Skąd dostali taką szantrapę. Tak sobie myśle że dzisiaj w 2019r. w the sims 4 wybór cech i kolorów włosów,ubrań itp. jest o wiele mniejszy niż w the sims 3. sorry za orto.









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