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1 Hour 25Min Directed by - Matthew Pope Score - 30 vote Description - Blood on Her Name is a movie starring Bethany Anne Lind, Will Patton, and Elisabeth Röhm. A woman's panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spins out of control when her conscience demands she return the dead man's body genres - Crime Theyve taken the duo lingo meme and turned it into a film. Blood on her name reviews.

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Movie was actually pretty decent, give the premise. I liked it. Blood on her name trailer 2020. Blood on her name imdb. Blood on her name showtimes. Blood on her name wiki. Blood on her name embargo. Blood on her name. Blood on her name bande annonce vf. Blood on Her name index. Their acting is so dry, you cant tell the guy is trying but I see NO chemistry at all. Released in cinemas 28 Feb 20 yayyyyyyyy. Blood on her name trailer 2019. Blood on Her named. I totally am going to see this. I remember reading this book when it came out and they said she would be the star of the movie, I wasnt thinking about how long it would take lol.
How Long Blood on Her how many &Found&there Watch'Blood'on'Her'Name'full'movie'watch'online'in'hindi. Blood on her name cast. Blood on her name 2019. Blood on Her name change. Blood on her name watch. Blood on her name official trailer. My God, Jim Gaffigan is going dark. | Odie Henderson February 28, 2020 Noir is full of characters doing unreasonable, unwise or just downright stupid things to achieve some untenable goal. Their choices are criminal, driven by the basest instincts and are often wrapped in a delightful, hardboiled amorality. The plot situations escalate, tightening the screws as the antiheroes become more and more desperate. These people inhabit a bitter little world where there are no happy endings. Everybody has a fatal flaw and doing the right thing never crosses anyone’s mind. The self-described “Southern Gothic neo-noir” “Blood on Her Name” attempts to tweak some of the aforementioned qualities of noir by saddling its protagonist with a conscience. It’s a bad decision that might have worked had co-writer and director Matthew Pope structured the film differently. What starts out as an intriguing cover-up of a murder becomes more and more hopelessly convoluted by the film’s insistence on delivering its information to you in drips and drabs. Allowing the viewer to piece things together on their own is always welcome, but the film’s desire to surprise and outwit makes it contrived. Advertisement Leigh ( Bethany Anne Lind) is beholden to doing right by folks, whether it’s her juvenile delinquent son, Ryan ( Jared Ivers) or the family of a man whose murder she may have committed in self-defense. Not that she’s a saint?at times, she lashes out unfairly in anger and she’s on some kind of pills whose dose, according to her dealer, depends on how much she wants to forget. She’s also the ex of a convicted felon whose arrest had something to do with turning her place of business into a chop shop. Those illegal activities come back to haunt her immediately after fade-in. Aided by the moody and atmospheric color cinematography by Matthew Rogers, “Blood on Her Name” opens with a riveting post-murder sequence. The victim lays in a huge puddle of congealed blood on the floor of an auto garage, a bloodied wrench near his body. We hear Leigh’s terrified, labored breathing on the soundtrack before we see her huddled in a corner. The pacing is very good here, allowing us to watch as Leigh considers the best course of action. She wraps the body, cleans up the crime scene, takes the weapon of choice and hauls ass out of there. She disposes of the wrench in the lake as she paddles across it in a boat, but takes the body with her. It’s clear that Leigh is no master criminal, but she makes mistakes that would get you an F in Committing Crime 101. For starters, her auto body shop has a security camera and has recorded the entire murder. She tosses the CPU into the dumpster without even bothering to erase it. I can buy that part, I mean, this is a small town and it’s doubtful anyone would go dumpster diving for tech products. What she does next I most certainly did not buy. She disposes of the body in the house of the man’s relatives, leaving an anonymous note in their mailbox that basically says “My bad! Sorr-reee! ” “They deserved to know, ” she tells her estranged father, Officer Richard Tiller ( Will Patton). Otherwise, it would have weighed on her conscience. “Blood on Her Name” tries to justify this by presenting several flashbacks featuring a young Leigh ( Chandler Head) and Tiller. Seems her dad’s a corrupt cop, placing him firmly in the trenches of noir. Sometimes Leigh talks to her younger self, other times she walks into these flashbacks and observes. It’s a clunky device but these scenes are well shot and edited. Officer Tiller murdered a suspect in cold blood, then apparently disposed of the body. I assume that Leigh’s childhood concern that the victim’s family were left with no clue of his whereabouts contributed to her decision to hand deliver his corpse. But noiristas like me gotta wonder: If your Dad’s corrupt, on the police force, and is adept at making bodies disappear, wouldn’t you call him if you were in the most dire of straits? He seems to be the only cop in town, too. We’re led to believe that her resistance stems from not wanting to figuratively sell her soul to the Devil, but considering her situation, Satan already has her soul on layaway. One of the smarter things “Blood on Her Name” does is not re-stage the murder for us. All we see is the aftermath; the details are eventually filled in using dialogue. Of course, it turns out that this is a more complicated crime than we were first led to believe, and Pope and his co-writer Don M. Thompson add a protective, maternal dynamic to the proceedings that only works during the film’s climactic showdown between Leigh and Dani ( Elisabeth Röhm), the wife of the slain man. Röhm and Lind are excellent in their scenes together, all of which stem from a missing piece of jewelry plot device lifted straight from Hitchcock’s “ Frenzy. ” Of the male characters, Tiller is the only one who feels like he came with the neo-noir territory. Patton plays him with an unnerving menace mixed with crime-ridden common sense. Jimmy Gonzales is wasted as the clichéd minority whose sole existence is devoted to helping out the White lead, though at least he doesn’t get that character’s usual destiny and he has some chemistry with Ivers. “Blood on Her Name” is really onto something with Dani and Leigh’s Mama Bears protecting their cubs subplot, but by the time Leigh realizes she’s truly a chip off her Papa’s old block, too much frustration with her character had set in for me. Shakespeare said “conscience does make cowards of us all. ” Here it just makes you a lousy crook. Reveal Comments comments powered by.
Blood on her name trailer deutsch. Blood on Her names. Blood On Her Name 83 MIN / 2019 / USA / ENGLISH / DRAMATIC THRILLER A woman’s panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spirals out of control when her conscience demands she return the dead man’s body to his family. Director: Matthew Pope Screenwriter: Don M. Thompson and Matthew Pope Producer: Don M. Thompson and Matthew Pope Cast: Bethany Anne Lind, Will Patton, Elisabeth Rohm, Jimmy Gonzales, Jared Ivers Festivals: Fantasia International Film Festival, Beyond Fest Download Press Kit View Trailer. Blood on her name review. Bethany Anne Lind absolutely kills it (literally, her character committing murder) in Matthew Pope’s latest thriller Blood on Her Name. The film may not be as complex as its filmmaker clearly intended it to be. It functions perfectly fine as an atmospheric bit of pulp fiction with the lead imbuing it with a much-needed emotional resonance. In other words, it doesn’t quite draw blood, but you’ll surely remember her name. “Within seconds, we see Leigh in her garage, having just bludgeoned a man to death. ” And her name is Leigh Tiller, mother of delinquent Ryan (Jared Ivers), daughter of emotionally abusive Sheriff Richard (Will Patton), ex-wife of a hoodlum. Within seconds, we see Leigh in her garage, having just bludgeoned a man to death. She’s about to dial 911 but slides the garage door shut instead. She then methodically ? albeit in a state of muted panic ? cleans up the mess. Before she disposes of the wrapped-up body in a nearby lake, a cell-phone rings in its pocket ? a message from the victim’s son. This sends Leigh on a guilt-ridden downward spiral, wherein she returns the body to its family. A lost necklace acts as a catalyst to Leigh’s already rapidly-escalading anxiety. Both her son and dad get involved, along with sort-of boyfriend Rey (Jimmy Gonzalez), and the victim’s wife Dani (Elisabeth Rohm) and son Travis (Jack Andrews). The slightly-overblown finale dutifully serves poetic justice.
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Blood on her name 2019 720p. Blood on Her namen mit. Blood on her name yellow veil. Blood on her name rotten tomatoes. Blood on her name (2019. Blood on Her namen. Blood on Her name name. 今年2019年に開催し、大好評の中幕を閉じた"HOME OF THE BLOOD TOUR"が来年帰ってくる! メンバー5人の地元、ゆかりのある土地を回り常に進化しているバンドの姿を見せる。 各地でしか見られないセットリストやフューチャリング、そして一期一会の限定アイテムなど。 その土地担当のメンバーがブッキングし集めたゲストたちも豪華!(こちらは近日発表となります。) 3/6(金)新大久保EARTHDOM - IKEPY Edition 3/7(土)宇都宮HELLO DOLLY - MAKI Edition 3/14(土)柏ALIVE - TJ Edition 3/15(日)高崎SUNBURST - DAIKI Edition 3/28(土)沖縄REMY'S - MAKOTO Edition 各公演、チケットはイープラスにて3/19(木)10:00より発売となります。 そして今回、高校生以下はディスカウントを受けることができます! 当ホームページのSHOWSの予約フォームより、受付条件をよくお読みになってお申し込みください。 こちらもどしどしお待ちしております!. Blood on her name (2019) trailer.
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