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genres Drama Rating 7,6 of 10 Story "Til death do us part" wasn't nearly long enough for Max and Abby as his ghost returns to help her get over him. But with a second chance to be together, neither will ever want to say goodbye again &ref(https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMTdlZmExNzEtMDZkMS00MzQyLWI4Y2QtZjQ5NjQyYTY4NTZkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjkxMjYwNzc@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,629,1000_AL_.jpg) Score 34 Vote country USA.
Just one more kiss free full body. Just one more kiss free full name. Just One More Kiss free full text. BUCK-TICK超最高80Sどれも歌最高ハズレがないもんなぁ.今の子供もBUCK-TICKのよさ伝えたいしBUCK-TICKのことしってもらえたらいいです. デビュー曲だったかな. 若い頃より余裕があるね. 落ち着きがあるよ?カッコいいね!. I loved this movie??. Great pair well suited my friend kelly loved these 2. Just one more kiss free full movies. This is one of the most beautiful wedding songs ever. Just one more kiss free full length. Just One More Kiss Free full. SLOW MOTION, a one-night dream.
Just one more kiss free full movie. 全然音と違うソロの動き笑った. 8:09 で櫻井さん入るの間違えた. ゲゲゲの鬼太郎のedで歌が流れたからここにたどり着いた. A forbidden love and a past they can’t leave behind... In King John’s England, Robert Marcel chafes against the law that holds him bound as a villein on his lord’s manor. He tries to make a daring escape and is nearly caught by his cruel master, but a young girl helps him slip away. Years pass and Robert takes up trade as a minstrel. Invited to play at a banquet for the notorious Earl of Saxton, he is stunned to come face to face with the girl he’s never forgotten?now Lady Marguerite of Winbourne, betrothed to the earl. Her status as a noblewoman puts her completely out of Robert’s reach, but he knows they are meant to be together. He vows to make her his wife no matter what the cost. Lady Marguerite has often thought of the young man she helped escape. Her tender feelings for him quickly turn into much more when they are brought back into each others lives. She longs to be free to marry Robert, the man she loves, but that will require her to sacrifice all she holds dear. They are tested at every turn by those bent on driving them apart and destroying what they have found together. Can their love truly conquer all? Publication Date: January 29, 2015 Publisher: Sable Tyger Books Formats: Ebook, Paperback Pages: 601 ISBN: 9780986239618 Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance **** I was a little hesitant to sign up for this tour because of the sheer size of this book. Don't get me wrong I love books of this size, when done right the time flies by but when it's an author you haven't read before - well that could be risky in terms of slugging through something dry and boring. Suffice to said this book did not disappoint, it grabbed me right from the beginning and the time just flew by. Marguerite is a very likeable character only 17 years old not but was just 10 when she assisted in the escape of Robert from a cruel master. When they meet again she is betrothed to someone else and he is just a lowly minstrel. You can feel the passion burning for each other, but it's the 1300's and ones feelings do not play a part in who you marry. The author has definitely shown her love of this time period with not just descriptive scenery but the life style and the ways of court as well - it wasn't hard to visualize what was taking place. I was not overly familiar with the entertainment at court and this was a nice glimpse at the roles minstrels, jesters and acrobats played. There are a fair number of characters here, some fictional and some real. The author provided a list (of who's who) at the being of the book which came in handy. There are author notes at the end and I always find that a great way to end any HF novel. An emotional story filled with forbidden love, mystery, betrayal, intrigue and so much more. If you are a fan of HF give The Lady and the Minstrel a try, you won't be disappointed.

EXCERPT “Why are you here? What do you want? ” She wished to chill him again with her dignity, but the questions instead came out barely more than a whisper. “To see you. To talk with you. To?” His voice snagged as the truth swept the impassive mask from his face. “Oh, heaven forgive me, to kiss you! ” His hand reached out again, then hesitated, hovering just below her chin. Instead of rebuffing him, she felt herself sway towards him ever so slightly. His fingertips, calloused from his lute’s strings, brushed against her cheekbone. Then her cheek cradled gently in his palm and the midnight eyes, no longer veiled, gazed into hers with a longing that took away her breath. “I have thought of nothing but you since you gazed at me in the village today. ” His voice shook slightly as the words spilled out in a rush. “Then when you smiled at me in the hall, I knew I was lost. I cannot hope to court you. I am only a poor minstrel, and you are betrothed to the Earl of Saxton. But one kiss?just one! ?I would cherish to the end of my days. Just one, if you will grant it?and then I will be gone. ” Gone? Let him go now, when she had only just found him? Heaven could not be so cruel as to ask her to send him away so soon! If it took a kiss to bind him? He must have taken her silence as assent, for he pulled her against his chest. He held her firmly, yet so gently that the embrace brought no pain to her back. Marguerite had never been in a man’s arms before. Her heart raced so hard a pleasurable little buzz of dizziness hummed through her mind and body. He did not look like a man who often hesitated to take what he wanted and yet when he bent his head towards hers, he checked himself just short of her lips. It was that instant of uncertainty in him, briefer than a heartbeat, that nudged her leap of faith in his honor and lifted her willing mouth and drifted shut her eyes. And then she felt his mouth on hers, gentle, warm, strong, yet somehow cautious, as if weighing something in her, as if waiting … for what? Outrage on her part? Resistance? Oh, heavens! If Marguerite had felt dizzy before, her senses now swam in earnest, and she wound her arms around his neck and let her body melt against him and kissed him back as if all her future hung on this one moment. AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | ITUNES | KOBO | SMASHWORDS PRAISE “DiPastena portrays... the world Robert and Marguerite inhabit, with a great deal of confidence and skill; this is a deeply-researched book that wears its learning very lightly, and it bears comparison well with other great novels of the Middle Ages. I loved the book and highly recommend it. ” ~ Historical Novel Society “A grand novel of epic proportions... Both Marguerite and Robert are rich characters with much depth and background.... The storyline is unique... The solution to Marguerite’s problem is inspiring! ” ~ InD’Tale Magazine Joyce DiPastena dreamed of green medieval forests while growing up in the dusty copper mining town of Kearny, Arizona. She filled her medieval hunger by reading the books of Thomas B. Costain (where she fell in love with King Henry II of England), and later by attending the University of Arizona where she graduated with a degree in history, specializing in the Middle Ages. The university was also where she completed her first full-length novel…set, of course, in medieval England. Later, her fascination with Henry II led her to expand her research horizons to the far reaches of his “Angevin Empire” in France, which became the setting of her first published novel, Loyalty’s Web (a 2007 Whitney Award Finalist). Joyce is a multi-published, multi-award winning author who specializes in sweet medieval romances and romantic historicals heavily spiced with mystery and adventure. She lives with her two cats, Clio and Glinka Rimsky-Korsokov, in Mesa, Arizona. For more information visit Joyce DiPastena’s website and blog. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE Tuesday, August 11 Spotlight & Giveaway at Unshelfish Wednesday, August 12 Review at Book Nerd.
途中途中ただ回ってるだけなのにかっこいいのなんでだろ…不思議. Just one more kiss free full song.

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One More Kiss Oil painting by Suzette Datema | Artfinder Whoops! You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. For an optimal Artfinder experience, please update your browser to version IE 11 or greater. Alternatively, download the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Opera. ? Find the one with a little help from us... ??? 10% off £150+ code: DISCOVER10 ? 15% off £500+ code: DISCOVER15 ? Ends 15th March ? Terms ? Find the one with a little help from us... ? 10% off £150+ code: DISCOVER10 15% off £500+ code: DISCOVER15 Ends 15th March ? Terms 10% off £150+ code: DISCOVER10 15% off £500+ code: DISCOVER15 Ends 15th March ? Terms Oil painting by Suzette Datema £310 Sold Oil painting on Canvas One of a kind artwork Size: 60. 96 x 76. 2 x 3. 81 cm (unframed) Ready to hang Signed on the front Style: Impressionistic Subject: People and portraits Do you like this artwork? This artwork has sold, but the artist is accepting commission requests. Commissioning an artwork is easy and you get a perfectly personalised piece. Artwork description One More Kiss It is snowing but the couple is unaware. 'Just one more kiss' he whispers. Cats are cuddling up and the taxi is waiting. Sides are painted black. Will be sent off varnished with an authenticity certificate. Thanks for viewing. Materials used: Oil on canvas Tags: #figurarive painting #snow #romantic #buildings #couple #cats #valentine #red umbrella #black cab #streetlights Best Price Guaranteed Ready to Hang Returns and refunds We want you to love your art! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it free within 14 days, no questions asked. Learn more Artist?Reviews (14) Overall Rating Based on 14 reviews Pay in instalments Do you like this artwork? This artwork has sold, but the artist is accepting commission requests. Commissioning an artwork is easy and you get a perfectly personalised piece. This artwork is sold by Suzette Datema from United Kingdom.
Muy bien por las imágenes que acompañan. Just One More Kiss Free full article on maxi. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Charlotte is a truly great character full of virtue and strength and well played by Valerie Grogan. While the cinematography and music may be good, this is an absolutely awful plot. I could not finish watching the movie because of how painfully self centered the characters are. I could care less if either Sam or Sarah died. Considering the pain that Sam inflicts on his wife at Sarah's bidding I would have preferred that both Sam and Sarah killed each other at the same time, that would have been satisfying. I won't even give a nod to Frank. Even though he has not purposefully sought to destroy anybody else he is still highly self indulgent. I can only imagine how awful of a person Suzie Halewood must be some piece of work to think that this was a script worth publishing. No matter what your pain is through a situation you have experienced, putting it into a movie that glorifies this kind of behavior is inexcusable. This movie desires to show how people in this modern age may truly respond to a situation like this because of their self-centeredness. The movie seeks to glorify the characters as being compassionate but they are truly only self centered. The only character I felt any compassion for is Charlotte. She shows that she has loved her husband the way spouses should. I will say that the actors played their parts the way they should. I felt absolutely no compassion for anybody but Charlotte as anybody should. I don't know if it was their desire to make their characters that loathsome but they did a good job. Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Makes a wife seem like an option instead of your other half. X-girlfriend uses cancer to pry apart marriage. Gross. Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I detested this movie. The short description lead me to think it might have a redeeming ending but not to be. Sarah, lived her life and did what she wanted until she was found out she was dying. So she came back selfishly to see what might’ve happened with her old flame. Who has the nerve to ask if she can spend her last days with someone she left and has moved on with his life? My husband says he hates movies that get innocent men into trouble when their wives start asking, “what would you do? ” Sam is an idiot and his wife, Charlotte, was a saint to agree to this foolish plan. You can’t compete with a ghost. I should have know it wouldn’t end well and I did not admire Sarah or anything she did. It didn’t give me that warm and fuzzy feeling at the end I think they were hoping to create. Instead, I liked her less and less as the movie went on. Just like Sarah, it left me dead in the end. Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Self indulgent crap. Like those Hollywood movies where the class nerd-outcast is just a smokin hot girl in glasses, or a pigeon chested weakling who's a gifted, hidden genius, the transition from alive and hopeful to gorgeously, tragic and dead is all a matter of perspective. Cancer is vomit, and shit and it's leaving a mess behind without the gift of poetry and having only ONE last beautiful person to love and then leave. Romeo and Juliet is back there someplace, Love Story and A Fault In Our Stars are others of this overused genre. Julia Roberts stared in at least two or three of these. Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase felt like not watching it throughout the movie but kept on going. I did not like the plot. Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Self-centered, pleasure-seeking, 's make it a movie. What has this world become?!? Who has the nerve to ask a married man to put their wife aside and spend time with them until they die? What kind of jerk would agree to it? This was not at all uplifting. It was a depressing waste of time! Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2012 Format: DVD Verified Purchase "One More Kiss" makes one wonder why sensitive, intelligent Gerard Butler gave up a promising dramatic and comic career for one of crassly commercial ass-kicking gut-busters. Oh, that's right - if one caters to the lowest common denominator, one will make more money. But this movie serves to remind that beneath the muscular exterior is a talented actor with a great sense of humor, and one can only hope he'll eventually be able to make the transition back to his more believable roots. All that said, Butler, at his youthfully, physically most appealing best, is merely a backdrop to Valerie Edmond's character, who is dying of Cancer. Unfortunately, she is so selfishly self-indulgent throughout the movie that I found it impossible to give a rat's ass whether she died or not. She barged into former boyfriend Butler's life, destroyed his marriage, and never seemed to feel a whit of responsibility. Whereas the viewer is supposed to love her because she's the lead character and is a tragic one to boot, instead I found myself to be impatiently awaiting her personal reckoning and reformation, to see her regret the mess she made of the life of a man who was guilty of nothing worse than timelessly loving her. Because she plays a hand in salvaging the life of her lonely father, the viewer is supposed to exonerate her for the destructive role she plays in her ex-boyfriend's. At the end of the movie, it's clear her father will begin a new and better life, while poor Butler will probably pine away for her for the rest of his. Ms. Edmond's performance is excellent; but plain and simply, I didn't like her character and will not mourn her. I believe the problem with "One More Kiss" lies with the script, which is too superficial for the subject. But if you're addicted to dying person love stories, you may embrace this one; perhaps I'm too addicted to seeing characters change for the better, particularly before they part this world forever. Top international reviews 4. 0 out of 5 stars James Cosmo - the under-rated actor - poignant role in this film. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 12, 2016 Verified Purchase I enjoyed this film, despite the fact that at times I had very little sympathy for Sarah Hopson and had to remind myself why she was behaving the way she was. But does this excuse her selfish actions? I was recommended this film because I happened to mention that I'd never seen Gerard Butler in a film! But to me the performance that was most poignant was that of the father - James Cosmo. I think this actor is very much under-rated and I do wish he was given some roles which didn't entail him looking tough and threatening. (Recent 'Shetland' series comes to mind. ) Sending feedback... Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Report abuse 5. 0 out of 5 stars Gerard Butler at his finest Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 29, 2013 Verified Purchase This movie has so many layers and it's truly a roller coaster of emotions. Beautiful interpretation by all the actors, which look extremely natural in their roles. It's a weeper but many of the scenes are very uplifting and the message it leaves you with it is true. I found the end to be a bit incomplete as you don't really understand what happens to Sam (Gerard Butler), but then in real life sometimes you make choices and you really don't know how it is gonna end too. A must watch if you like British films! One person found this helpful One More Kiss. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 25, 2019 Verified Purchase A gentle little movie with a charming script and an excellent cast. It has to be what is called a feelgood movie. Gerry Mc Menemy. 3. 0 out of 5 stars James Cosmo is the only good bit of this film Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 6, 2016 Verified Purchase Gerard was evidently learning to act in this film bless him! The plot's actually a bit wet and doesn't really 'hang' right but it's ok. James Cosmo is the only good bit of this Gerard Butler in 'Dear Frankie' simple film from his early days but well acted and good cast 2. 0 out of 5 stars Two hours of my life gone forever! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 15, 2012 Verified Purchase I could not find any charm in this film whatsoever. Seven years before, the guy's girlfriend dumps him and runs off to the US. Then she comes home because she is dying and goes out of her way to wreck his happy marriage and his business. I couldn't understand why he or her father found her so wonderful because there were many moments in the film when she was either nasty or manipulating. Even though she was dying, I had no sympathy for her, but had lots of sympathy for the wife. Just like the character of the wife says when referring to the ex-girlfriend imminent death, I thought "Get on with it already! " Nice romantic story Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 8, 2019 Verified Purchase Packed well, good quality product. 1. 0 out of 5 stars I look at life in a different way there’s always someone worse off than you Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 10, 2018 Verified Purchase I thought it was a good story not one of the best I have seen but enjoyable One to miss Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 18, 2018 Verified Purchase An inspiring film Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 15, 2005 Verified Purchase What a wonderful film. It's not exactly the most cheery of subjects - coming home to die - but the whole premise was beautifully acted with excellent performances from the small cast. Sarah (Edmonds) returns from New York to her home in Scotland to die of a brain tumour, and spend what little time she has left with her childhood sw
このMVは確かライティングとかの面で2ヴァージョンあるんじゃなかったかな?. Just One More Kiss Free full review. Gracias por subir estos videos soy super fan de Buck tick. Just one more kiss free full form. Just one more kiss free full lyrics. I love you but I may not be equipped to be loved this much I'm in lol. Just one more kiss free full episode. Mnie też kurwa ;d MONSTERIZE. Just One More Kiss Free full article on foot.

La Novia è la bellissima sposa, ma è anche una canzone straordinaria come l'incredibile voce di Renato: Grazie Radioitaliano, buon anno. 観たかった動画なのでUPしてくれた方に感謝www.

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Just one more kiss free full video. ユータくんの行動はベースを模しているのね! 2:48 で弦4本だものね 何度も観ているうちにやっと気付いた??. I still get the feeling i got when i was 7.

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しかしデカい目 整形してない男でこんな目はこの人以外にいないな. 重低音がバクチクします. 数十年ぶりに聞いたわ??ヤバいな?サイコーやわ??体中から沸き立つ心の高鳴り?. 当時は昭和から平成という時期だったが令和になっても聴いてます. Just one more kiss free full download. このナンバーはやっぱりあっちゃんしか歌って欲しくない. Just One More Kiss free full version. This is probably the article I have dreamt of writing the most since the beginning of the blog “Just One More Year”. In fact, I have been formulating this in my mind for years. This goes back prior to when I first thought of creating a PF blog and becoming an avid reader of ERE and Mr. Money Mustache. This is our public proclamation to ourselves and the world that …. ’re Debt Free!!!!! We’re Debt Free!!!! The back-story is that I have been in some form of debt repayment strategy for three decades. The last ten years of my life, I have dedicated much focus on paying additional principal on loan payments and staying out of credit card debt completely. I have to tell you, it has been hard to keep the faith and motivation that whole time. We had a few missteps that included buying some cars, a sailboat, and other splurges along the way. Hey, you have to live don’t you? YOLO baby! We also set back our debt free date by 6 months by purchasing a used truck and camping trailer over a year ago. We felt it was worth it to begin camping sooner, to make sure our plans for extended camping would still appeal, prior to leaving our employers. We scrimped in many other areas of our life to justify and pay for those splurge items. Our internal justification system is well refined at this point; we can talk ourselves into nearly anything. A good example of this phenomenon is just a few weeks ago we nearly upsized our home ? instead of downsizing! We are not free from the hedonic treadmill monster that catches us in our weaker moments. However we are now free ? Debt Free that is! We knew that becoming debt free was a crucial step in the process for us to leave our employers. We discussed this in detail in Step 5: Become debt free and celebrate freedom. It is one of our 7 important steps we feel is necessary to achieve financial independence and retirement. I have seen some good-natured discussion and ribbing on blogs about whether it is actually possible to be debt free. If you own your own home without a mortgage, you still “owe” money for taxes and utilities. Try not paying them for a while and see what happens. The county/city could take your home away from you for failing to pay your property taxes. The utility company can sue or file a lien against your property for non-payment. It is amazing how simple a statement “No Debts found” seems in an app, yet what a challenging course it has taken to navigate to this point. If we have any income of any significance, we need to report that to the IRS and pay our share based on today’s tax code. If we don’t pay our taxes, that becomes a debt that never goes away. Even declaring bankruptcy does not clear that obligation. The government has an army of auditors, enforcement officers, attorneys, etc. at their disposal. They have plenty of patience and can wait, doing everything in their power to get paid at some point, garnishing your paycheck if needed. Before: The Debt Free app before I updated the last payment After: Debt Free! We are debt free from the perspective that we are no longer obligated with loans or mortgages. We use credit cards strategically and always pay in full prior to their due date. The year 2015 was the last time we will EVER pay interest! Maybe that is the new definition of debt free ? paying no interest expense. BTW- debt free means to me that all “debts” are gone, i. e. investment, mortgage, student loans, credit cards, etc. We called Dave Ramsey and he interviewed us! I read The Total Money Money Make Over years ago and really enjoyed the logical approach Dave Ramsey took in his book. He hit a nerve when he said if money were logical, then most of our debt problems would not exist. I am a finance person that spent years of my career running the financial aspects of $100M companies. To me it all seemed logical. This is not the case with personal finance! Personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge ? Dave Ramsey I discovered Ramsey’s radio show and pod cast and listened to him off and on when time permitted. Typically, on his Friday show he takes nationwide callers and “Nashville TN walk-ins” that tell their debt story and end with a resounding “We’re Debt Free” scream. I can really feel the joy these people feel being debt free. I have an active imagination that allows me to go off into bouts of fiction on occasion. These articles are some prime examples: Talking about priorities with my pal Buck, Jet setting frugal style to Las -Vegas, On priorities: Our friend Buck stops here So today’s muse is about the fake interview I would have if I could get through (and if I actually dialed, their call screeners answered, and they put me through) to Ramsey’s radio show to tell my story to his listeners. I know his format so well, heck who needs him to interview me. I will interview myself! So instead of millions of people hearing my debt free scream, hundreds get to read it instead. I will use lots of exclamation marks to demonstrate the emotion!!!!!! ? Hello Dave, thanks for taking our call!!!! Dave: Folks, we have Bryan and Dianne on the line from Sedona Arizona to give us their debt free scream today. Bryan: Thanks Dave for taking our call. We are such great fans and appreciate everything you have done for us and this country, to help people with their debt. ( Most callers have some form of butt kissing comment to Dave first before he gets around to corralling them back to the reason they called) Dave: “Thank you Bryan, so how much debt have you paid off? ” We paid off $845, 487 in debt. If we go back seven more years, we had around $1. 5M in debt! Dave: “Wow, that is amazing…and how long did it take you? ” On November 1, 2012, we finally became super focused using the snowball method you have taught in your books and show. We seemed to wake up 3 three years ago. It took us 38 months to become debt free once on track, however I have been paying down debt for over 10 years at more than the normal payment rate. Dave: “…making what kind of money? ” ( I think you are getting a little personal there Dave since we have not shared our income with our readers) Let’s just say our household income was over $100k during that time. Dave: “That is incredible. My quick math tells me that you paid off $22, 250 per month over 38 months. You must have either made a lot of money or sold something. ” Dave, you are correct in guessing about us selling something. We sold a personal residence in California that became a rental property when we moved to Arizona. The sale was final in March 2015 and that enabled us to pay off over $500k in debt in one day. I have to say that was a GREAT DAY for us!!!! Dave: “Man, you guys are rocking it. What kind of debt did you have? ” At the time, we had only a small mortgage on our home and a bunch of mortgages on rental properties. We had no credit card debt and never had any student loans associated with our educations. Oh, I guess we had a small balance on a car loan for about $7, 500 that we paid off right away. I have also been paying child support for ten years. That ends later this year. ( Maybe this is a debt? We have the cash set aside right now) Dave: “That is amazing that you paid off so much debt in real estate that quickly. You must have a nice passive income coming in from that. How old are you guys? ” One of us is in our 50’s and the pretty one is in her 40’s. You’re right about the cash flow ? we are finally getting to reap some benefits of our get rich, very, very, very slowly strategy. ( Did I mention “very” slowly? ) Dave: “You guys are still young and have the rest of your lives to live like most people can’t. What was the most difficult debt to pay off? ” I think by far that would have to be the property in California. We worked with our tenants for nearly 4 years in a deal that would enable them to purchase that home. We were actually in escrow for an unbelievable eight months, dealing with and resolving one problem after another. It was primarily issues related to the HOA, the State of California, new lending requirements, the changing real estate market values, appraisals, and helping the buyers with some closing costs. Dave: “How about you Dianne, it seems like Bryan is all gung ho with debt freedom. Did you or your friends think it was weird, aggressively paying off debt instead of buying new cars or fancy clothes? ” Dianne: It was challenging at times watching my friends spend money on indulgent beauty services, new clothes, and remodeling their kitchens. I was envious of them but then I would remind myself that they will likely be working many, many more years at their jobs than me. I kept telling myself that Bryan and I were trading off the precious commodity of free time and early retirement over immediate indulgences. Dave: “Ok, we have Bryan and Dianne on the line from Sedona Arizona. They paid off $845, 487 in mortgage and investment debt, over a million dollars at one point, in 38 months, making over $100, 000 per year. Count it down… Dianne and Bryan: “3, 2, 1…. We’re debt freak’n free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” We have visualized our goals coming to fruition and our debt gone My mind is constantly processing from a problem solving perspective. I would be ashamed to know how much of my life is spent planning and thinking about the day we finally became debt free. For me, it works best to visualize and brainstorm my written goals. This helps me look for creative methods and shortcuts to get us to our objective quicker. We have a close friend that retired in May of 2015 and we have notic
Just One More Kiss Free full article. GUNIW TOOLSが監督としたこのMVはほんと失敗作だったよな BUCK-TICKの良さが全然いかされてない カットもワンパターンだし動きがないし変化もない 画面全体が暗いし狭いしぼやけててはっきりしないし センスのない美大生が鬼才ぶって失敗しちゃった感ハンパなかった BUCK-TICKの歴代MVの中でも黒歴史だと思う. Just one more kiss free full moon. Oh GOD! I am in tears over a trailer. Have read all of your books Faleena, and can't wait for your film.
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