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Writer: Antonio Barros

Cast Emma Roberts, Ethan Suplee

A canadair. Imagem ruim, áudio horroroso. A caçada começou lol. Running Zombie's The Hunt is a supremely creepy and otherworldly short point-and-click adventure where the subject matter sadly isn't as scary as its clunky pixel hunting, though superb atmosphere still makes it worth checking out. In it, you're hunting down the legendary Elk King, a demon that's cursed the forest and all who go after it. To play, just click on things to interact. While some objects will display text when you mouse over them, not everything that's interactive will, and since the cursor won't change, you'll need to click everywhere... especially given the game's tendency to hide things along the very edges of the screen. You can click on items in your inventory, and in most cases they'll be used automatically if you're in the right place for them, but others may require you to click a specific part of the scenery. It's this awkward gameplay that keeps The Hunt from being the immersive experience it might otherwise be, with its beautiful imagery and spooky audio. The Hunt could use some more polish, but we hope this isn't the last time the developer experiments with the genre! Play The Hunt.
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