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Director - Mudassar Aziz / tomatometer - 7 of 10 Stars / star - Ananya Panday / creator - Ravi Kumar / description - Chintu Tyagi is an ordinary, middle class man who finds himself torn between his wife and another woman / duration - 2 h 6M. This movi remake of kannada. Ondu motteyaa kathe. Kartik Aryan Is My Favorite ?.

Parvati Looking So Cute & Lovely

% Vandana Pure Veg, Hadapsar, Pune - Gujarati, North Indian. Reveena best... ?? I think Mika destroy this beautiful song. 2:45 high level graphics. Ladki tarif karey samjh jao katney wala hai koi bahot bada kaand sochi hai. 4:36 and 4:37 the background sound. ?????????. Like if u notice on same. I love this song. Kay bakchodi h. Cant wait so excited??. No one is talking about movie... Actor actresses... And neha kakkar. everyone is talking about arijit singh... Only arijit singh. Lots of love sir... You are ultralegend. 4:15 Bhoomi's finger indicate Kartik when ananya said. .i need to find a boy first ?? they are dating. this chippo ???. I used to ship sartik. .??. Neha Maam is seriously getting worse day by day... I feel sorry for that overrated remake artist.
Ending was superb. Ye feminists hamesha gaddar hote hain, aur jis desh me khaate hain usi desh ko gaaliya dete hai. Taapsi pannu is a shining example of that! Saali chhinaal. Uneducated came in film industry. If the trailer is so interesting then we all can imagine that what will happen with the person who will watch the full movie. Forward everything and just watch last 2 mins. THAT'S IT. Rest everything was very dull in this episode. Watching from Bangladesh????. A class movie. 2:38 every time with jio plan ???. This movie, literally, made me look like dumb as cattle. I wasn't even interested to watch it after seeing its cringy title. However, I went on forcing by my friend and it was sheer disappointment to waste the money on buying tickets. Movie has no plot, no sensible storyline. As a matter of fact, I didn't get any chance to watch its trailer. I would've avoided it otherwise. For one moment, it's comedy going on and immediately, it's sad and sorrow scenes the very next moment. This movie is only liked by the people who are dumb enough to love watching romantic movies after sending requests to random girls on Facebook. And people who went to watched it even after watching its trailer, hats off to them.
Jab sound rehna chaiye tab nhi rehta. Veer's acting was everything in this episode. 1:35 song starts thank me later. Most beautiful movie I've seen in many years. Thanks for uploading. I edited the original comment so that nobody knows why it got so many likes. This movie looks much better than Bala.

Why the heck is this in my recommendation

No story. it at any cost. STREAM DHEEME DHEEEME... ??. Kitne pyaar se baat kar rahaa hai haiwaan. Bollywood superstar new man.

Pati Patni Aur Woh
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