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  1. review=One of the greatest miracles in the Bible; Moses and the Israelites trapped at the sea by Pharaoh's army when God miraculously parts the waters. But is there any evidence that it really happened and if so, where?
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It's garbage. the dating they use (1250 BC) to start out with is wrong. The Exodus actually happened approximately 1446 BC, placing the Israelites' arrival there around 1650 BC. Joseph was sold into slavery to Ishmaelites, and then taken to Egypt around 1707 BC, and the rest of the family arrived a few decades later. I stopped watching it after they used the wrong date to prove the Exodus didn't happen. if they can't even get the date right, then build their case on that misinformation. nuff said. The Exodus DID happen. God's Word stands forever and ever.
I've seen and read David's work Pharaoh's and Kings. This is a bit of a leap from the objective approach he used in that presentation.
Brother Nehemia. Shalom. You need not that any man speak any thing to you. I remember that you said you came to much awareness about the Divine Name Yhvh based on a Kara. Seeing, they have not seen. And here is another Kara: And it shall come to pass: whosoever will not hearken unto My words, which He shall speak in My Name, I will require of Him. Amen dear brother.
Jesus is The Word, John 1:1-5. Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Details ** if you RSVP yes, please understand your attendance is expected and payment is expected. We only have 14 seats so please understand your commitment. Also, I paid for the seat ahead of time. ** Join us to see this exciting movie! We will meet at concessions at 3:45 p. m. for those of us who like to get popcorn Etc and then go in as a group at 3:55 pm. The movie starts at 4 p. and lasts 2. 5 hours. For those wishing to discuss the movie and have some quality Fellowship time, we will eat at the Eden Prairie Food Court across from the theater entrance. I have 14 tickets, tickets are $11 each. Please bring cash to pay me. Easiest parking is on the Southeast corner of the mall just south of the Kohl's exterior entrance. There is a food court sign at the mall entrance. (7pm show is sold out everywhere) Blessings, Eric.
Advance Tickets Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle 2 hr 30 min NR Advance Tickets Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts. 2 hr 30 min NR Feb 18, 2020 Movies at AMC. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There is ample evidence for an Exodus, in the 13th century BCE. Read 'Where Moses Stood' by Robert Feather.
Amazing. New video!? Professor Exposes Impossibilities of Evolution. Jehovah Does everything on our behalf that's why He never says THANK YOU... This debacle brings to mind the Geraldo Rivera/ vault of Al Capone Wild goose chase of years ago. Can you say. FIASCO? Sometimes. It's unwise to search and search. Because sometimes. If you persist, what you find isn't what you were looking for at all. Sometimes what you find is hopelessness. And horror. Some things are better left ALONE.
I honestly dont need any past or resent evidence for gods existence For i know he is there an will always be there for us i have exepted my lord an savior in my heart. I suppose in 1956-57 when this movie was first shown in movie theaters, on the big screen, and at a time when special effects weren't yet the best, this monumental scene must have gotten audiences stunned or gasping in amazement. Wow. I almost cried when I first watched this epic scene. Coming into the year 2019. People actually still believe this really happened.
Where does your ability come from? Again, in fact, proof, and evidence form.

Ron Wyatt and his discoveries was an answer to prayer for me back in 2010. I asked God to give me a bible study because I was stuck with nothing to study. It all started with his Noahs ark video on a google search and then all of the others. I cried when I got to the Ark of the Covenant knowing I found real truth. and I have not changed my mind since and never will. Thank you Mary Nell! This was a great video.

Versace Aali commented below, let me tell you: exodus does mot says The name of the pharaoh

God is real.

Is finding truth necessary.









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