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I don't understand this scene. Understanding the power of cinema isn't just a simple norm or I deal concept that you can simply acquire when watching a movie. Cinema is more than just a form of pass time it's a form of art. This Film "Come and See" by Elem Klimov is a great example of what cinema has to offer to those whom wish to pursue a career in cinematography; it touches upon the idea that cinema can change and invoke emotional imprecations from past events like World War II. This film brings the viewer into the action and provokes you to smell, feel, and almost taste the gore that surrounds the entire movie from start to finish. We see a Great use of visual directionality in demonstrating the idea of pain and distress from the cause and effect in the film. This film as much as it illustrates the history of the past it manages to put you inside the realistic factors of what war is all about in a form that is hardly never seen in cinema. If you plan on watching the film be ready to take use of all your five senses; Fair warning the film can be too much to handle, but it's simply a small pick into what hell on earth truly looks like; and enjoy. POV: Loved It.
Super creepy, eerie feeling movie. Barnes is my favorite. Idi i smotri filmi. Idi i smotri torrent. Idi i smotri (come and see. Idi i smotri csfd. Just a couple of germans. Most of the ss men who committed those crimes, never had to pay for them. I really like that ss soldier who knows that he will be shot and still doesn't betray germany and pray for mercy.
Idi i smotri (1985) online. Idi i smotri (1985. Idi i smotri streaming. Absolutely phenomenal film. Idi i smotri online. Idi i smotri review. There are films, there are movies, and then theres Come and See. Come and see. To bad japanese werent the first to develop nuclear bomb to nuke washington wars like iraq war conflict in middle east wars in south america the vietnam war the korean war god only knows how many more wars would never have happened. Idi i smotri. Idi i smotri - 1985 rus drama war masterpiece. Such an intense film. What struck me most when watching "Come and See" was that it really made me experience what it must be like to be surrounded by war; to have it in your own back yard. The last war that was fought actually IN the United States was the Civil War (us fighting ourselves nearly 150 years ago. Of course, how can we understand what it's like for people in Iraq when we come into their country and bomb their homes and kill innocent people (sometimes women and children) in the process? Unlike "Saving Private Ryan" and many other war films that use extensive choreographed battle sequences, Come and See" manages to show the horrors of war without glorifying violence at the same time. Through the use of incredible young actors and devastating scenes that engage all the senses, Come and See" causes the viewer to lose their own innocence and gradually question their own sanity as they share Florya's journey into the agonizing horrors of war. I can't imagine anyone seeing a film like this and still advocating unnecessary wars like the one in Iraq.
Idi i smotri izle. Idi i smotri english subtitles. Idi i smotri full movie. Idi i smotri (come and see) 1985. Idi i smotri ruski film sa prevodom na srpski. Idi i smotri youtube. Idi i smotri 1985. Idi i smotri film. Thank you for doing this! one of the greatest movies ever made. Idi i smotri imdb. Idi i smotri criterion. @FilmRomMusDrawingWar: After years of service and harsh punishment one should expect no less, but still the English soldiers had very little cause for enthusiasm, as they were basically the poor having to fight the wars of the rich and this is why England did field in this was an army of the since the duchy of Bavaria had and so remained utterly dependant on its continental allies, which left it more than once at the mercy of Napoleon. While most armies can be restrained from pillage if the commander and the officers really want to, so this does not excuse Wellington and his crew at all. Concerning this cheap Marxist propaganda flick here, I guess the historical core of it is the usual clash between a regular army and irregular partisan bands, which does always produce great carnage as one may know from the pictures of Goya or the Vietnam War.
Idi i smotri partisan attack. Idi i smotri english. Idi i smotri movies rej elem klimov. Idi i smotri ruski film. Idi i smotri.
Démanty noci DIRECTED BY: Jan Nemec FEATURING: Ladislav Jánsky, Antonín Kumbera PLOT: Two Jewish boys escape from the Nazis and flee through the German countryside. WHY IT WON’T MAKE THE LIST: A minimalist mix of almost-documentary realism with disorienting fantasies and flashbacks, there are rewards to be had in digging up the buried narrative gems in Diamonds of the Night. But despite its impressive pathos, it’s easy to see why this dour, low-budget sleeper wasn’t one of the enduring international breakout titles of the Czech New Wave. Nemec would deliver better films. COMMENTS:We open on two boys running into the woods with a train clacking in the background. They ditch overcoats painted with the letters “KL” (for “konzentrationslager, ” indicating they are bound for Nazi concentration camps) as they flee the sound of gunfire and cries of “halt! ” This thrilling opening soon loses steam, however, as the boys continue to run, then slow to a walk, then walk, and walk, and walk, occasionally pausing to lap water from a stream like dogs or take off their boots to check on their spreading blisters. It’s all shot with documentary-style shaky handheld cameras. There is no dialogue for the first fifteen minutes (and little thereafter). The drudging pace and gray tedium of this opening will lose many viewers. The increasing confusion of the story will lose even more; but it is here is where Diamonds of the Night starts to get interesting. A few mysterious flashbacks?one of the boys climbing through cars in an empty passenger trolley, random scenes of the two trekking through almost deserted cities?are spread throughout the film’s first half. These increase in frequency as the movie progresses, and start to overlap with fantasy scenes, creating layers of memory, dreams and reality that blend together. When one of the boys barges in on a farm wife as she prepares lunch, for a while it’s unclear what really happens. We see alternative scenarios, one in which she silently hands him bread to eat, and one in which he kills her and takes the loaf. It’s immaterial whether he really strikes her down or not; he’s hungry and desperate enough to kill, and it’s only a question of fate whether he raises his hand or not. In the second half of the film, the fugitives are hunted by a posse of German men too old to serve at the front; it’s grimly amusing to see the aged squad arthritically stalk them through the forest. An extended, chopped-up sequence of flashbacks shows one of the pair strolling through Prague streets that were deserted in previous flashbacks, wearing the coat that destines him for the death camps, running through the trolley once more, thinking of a dark-haired girl, pressing a doorbell and getting no answer; impressions of a life just before the Nazis seized him that conveys a sense of oppression without telling a coherent story. They are caught by their doddering pursuers when one of the boys can no longer run on his injured foot and the other stops to help him; a flashback shows the healthy one trading his boot to the injured one for food on the concentration camp train. Matching the nonlinear storyline, the film is also out of phase aurally: sometimes the sounds of memories will lap over into the current times, and sometimes the opposite happens, further blurring the boundary between past and present, fantasy and reality. Diamonds was adapted from Arnošt Lustig’s autobiographical novel; Nemec’s student graduation thesis film (1960’s “A Loaf of Bread, ” included on the Criterion disc) was also a Lustig adaptation. As a first narrative feature, Diamonds of the Night plays like a very advanced student film; even it’s padded-yet-barely-over-an-hour runtime fits the bill. There are fascinating moments, but probably only a half and hour of truly interesting material here, interspersed with long stretches of the boys trudging joylessly through the woods. The 2019 Criterion release supplements the film’s short running time with two short documentaries featuring Nemec, a visual essay, Czech New Wave expert Irena Kovaroa, the aforementioned student short, and of course a booklet with an essay by critic Michael Atkinson. WHAT THE CRITICS SAY: “… a realistic Czechoslovak film about two escapees from a German concentration camp; it makes one realize just how valid and necessary absurdism, particularly the austere absurdism of great dramatists like Beckett or even Pinter, is. ”?Renata Adler, The New York Times (contemporaneous) Idi i smotri “And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. “?Revelation 6:7-8 DIRECTED BY: Elem Klimov FEATURING: Aleksey Kravechenko, Olga Mironova, Liubomiras Laucevicius PLOT: Florya, a boy of about 14, digs in a field with a playmate, hoping to find a buried rifle so he can join the Belorussian partisans fighting against occupying Nazis. He finds one, and is soon roughly whisked away by soldiers to the forest campground, leaving his sobbing mother behind. When the troops go on patrol he is left alone to guard the camp, but after the Luftwaffe bomb the area he and a female companion return to Florya’s village, where he finds the war has devastated everything his once knew. BACKGROUND: Based on a memoir of a teenage Belarussian partisan, Come and See was commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazis. Director Elem Klimov, still a relatively young man at 52 when he completed Come and See, chose to retire from filmmaking after its release, saying that he could not top this achievement. Come and See is included in Steven Schneider’s “ 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die ” and tied for 30th (among directors) and 154th (among critics) in “Sight and Sound”‘s 2012 Greatest Movie poll, among other accolades and honors. INDELIBLE IMAGE: It could be the closeup of Aleksey Kravechenko’s prematurely aged face at the end. Or the S. S. skull-on-a-stick the refugees turn into an effigy of Hitler. For me, however, the most surprising and unforgettable image was the nightmare of Florya and Glasha sloshing through a muddy bog in desperation, fleeing from a horror they will never be able to outrun. THREE WEIRD THINGS: Forest Charleston; cow in a firefight; kill baby Hitler? WHAT MAKES IT WEIRD: Come and See’ s flirtations with surrealism nudge it into the “weird” category, and then its sheer grueling intensity carries it to “ must see ” status. That recommendation should perhaps come with a warning that, despite containing nothing particularly graphic, this movie’s sheer aura of evil is likely to disturb you on a deep level. This is not a shock-for-shock’s-sake experience, however, but an honest, unflinching dip into the subconscious of an adolescent boy thrust into a horrific situation initially beyond his comprehension?one which he tragically comes to understand all too well. DVD trailer for Come and See COMMENTS: Come and See is war movie as horror movie. It is notable for its immersive intensity. It unrelentingly assaults your sensibilities, as sadistically eager to strip away your innocence as it is to Continue reading 360. COME AND SEE (1985) → “If?you?saw what I see for?the future?in?Yugoslavia, it would scare you. ”?Marshall Tito, 1971 “I think that this current conflict is the result of tectonic moves that last for a whole century. If there is anything good in this hell and horror, it is that the tectonic disturbance will result in absolute absurdity. And then a new quality will emerge from it. ”?Emir Kusturica, circa 1995 DIRECTED BY: Emir Kusturica FEATURING: Predrag Manojlovic, Lazar Ristovski, Mirjana Jokovic, Ernst Stötzner,?Slavko Stimac, Srdjan Todorovic PLOT:Two Yugoslavian gangsters join the Communist Party to resist the invading Nazis. One tricks the other into hiding out in a large cellar, where he and a small tribe of partisans manufacture munitions he believes are going to the resistance but which are actually being sold on the black market for years after the war has ended. Decades later, the ruse falls apart, and the former friends meet on the battlefields of Kosovo. Kusturica adapted Underground from a play by Dušan Kovačević, although he only took the premise of people tricked into residing in a cellar under the pretense of a fake war from that source. The movie was filmed in 1992 and 1993, while the Bosnian War was raging?and ethnic cleansing was going on. Emir Kusturica’s original cut ran for 320 minutes, about the same length as the six part serialized television version released later. Underground won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, but was not nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar. Despite its international success, Underground was controversial nearer to home. Kusturica was accused of taking money from the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, which would have been a violation of sanctions against the Serbian government. (The director countered that he had only accepted non-financial assistance, and won a lawsuit for libel against a playwright who accused him of taking money from the Serbs. ) The film was also criticized for being too conciliatory by not blaming Serbia and Slobodan Milošević’s regime directly for the Bosnian conflict. (Kusturica himself is ethnically Bosnian). INDELIBLE IMAGE: A burning wheelchair circling an inverted crucifix under its own power. THREE WEIRD THINGS: Flying bride; chimp in a tank; underwater brass band WHAT MAKES IT WEIRD: Up until the third act, Underground plays as an absurd, Balkanized satire?a far wilder ride than the average moviegoer is accustomed to, but not a film that went all the way to “weird. ” That final half-hour, however, pulls out all of reality’s stops, sending the film off into a nightmarishly surreal conclusion, then soldiering on t
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Makes me mad that Ellen Burstyn didn't win an oscar for her role in Requiem... Idi i smotri online sa prevodom. Idi i smotri trailer.
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