Android用コミックビューワー ComicCafeの公式ページです。This wiki is official page for ComicCafe.

1.What do I do if I have found a bug.
Please let me know detail of bug by email and send log file to me if possible.
2.Server startup is very slow.
The Jar file is unzipped to temporary directory on startup.
It takes a very long time to process.
I have looked for a solution, but I do not found it yet.
3.Web UI is very slow.
I think cause of performance issue is client script.
I am going to improve performance in the future.
4.CPU utilization increase when show the PDF file.
ComicCafe converts to Jpeg from PDF.
This process is very intensive.
Requests to multiple PDF files at the same time will cause a load on the server.
5.Cannot view the PDF properly.
ComicCafe uses open source libraries in order to show the PDF.
The libraries used are PdfBox and PdfRenderer.
These libraries is great but they are not a panacea.
Try to swich the library if PDF does not show properly.
6.Cannot connect to the server from the android
Make sure your android device has enabled Wifi.
Make sure your android device has participated the network of the ComicCafe server.
Make sure that the IP address and port number are properly configured on your android device.
Make sure the ComicCafe server launched properly.
7.Became impossible to display a picture.
It is possible that an error occurred on the server.
Please try to reboot the ComicCafe server.
8.Can not login to web UI.
Your initial username and password is admin/admin.
9.Server crash during the import process.
Maybe this cause of issue is the library cannot process encrypted rar properly.
Retry import. the ComicCafe will skip the file of problem.
10.Displaying an image is too slow.
Seems to occur when the network is busy.
11.Can the ComicCafe access from internet by the 3G/4G Connection?
You can read books from internet via 3G/4G connection, If you publish a server to the internet.
I'm not sure it is legal.
Please follow the laws of the your country.