Android用コミックビューワー ComicCafeの公式ページです。This wiki is official page for ComicCafe.


1.When server is launched, You can see the icon in task tray.
  Click icon and select 'Setting'

If your server does not have windows system, you can see the Login page to access following url.
http://[your server ip]:[port number]/comic-cafe/webui/faces/contents/management.xhtml

2.Browser will launch, and you can see the Login page.
  Your initial username and password is admin/admin

3.If login is successful, you can see the following page.
  You can access features via menu.

Description of menu

Will show the import page.Will show the author management page.
Will show the publisher management page.Will show the tag management page.
Not implemented featureWill show the preference page.
Will go to download page.Will show the list of open source library I used.
Will show the this wiki page.

Description of features