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<br/>Our second-quarter income tax rate was 36.8%, a little higher than we expected for the fall season when our percentage of profits and lower tax jurisdictions <a href="">hand held radiation detector</a> will be more meaningful. At the end of the second quarter, our cash position net of debt was $306 million, a $173 million improvement versus the <a href="">beta radiation detector</a> end of the same period last year. Our cash totaled $431 million, while our long-term debt stood at $125 million. Both amounts reflect the repayment of the $88 million term loan and purchase of one -- $5 million over 8.5% debentures during the second quarter.Our merchandise inventory position of $1.4 billion at the end of the second quarter was $51 million, or 3.5% lower than at the same time last year. On a constant currency basis, our inventory was 5.4% lower than last year and almost 10% lower than we were at the end of the second quarter two years ago. This inventory reduction is in line with a strategic initiative designed to reduce our inventory per store and increase our inventory turnover over time.<br/><br/>With the end of the second quarter coinciding with the being of the back-to-school period, we did not decrease our inventory position as much as we planned for at the end of our third and fourth fiscal quarters. By year end we continue to expect that our year-over-year inventory position, on a constant currency basis, will decrease by approximately 7% to 10%, or by approximately $100 million. At quarter end <a href="">geiger counter radiation detector</a> our shareholders equity stood at $2.3 billion, a book value of $14.59 per share.As stated in our press release, we currently expect our 2008 earnings, excluding the impairment charge that was recorded during the first quarter, to be in a <a href="">microwave radiation detector</a> range of $0.70 to $0.85 per share. This lower end range is $0.05 per <a href="">Inspector EXP</a> share higher than our initial guidance for the year, reflecting the fact that we overachieved our earnings expectations for the first half of the year.<br/>
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