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‘Light was created in transit.’

Some older creationist works, as a solution to the distant starlight problem, proposed that God may have created the light in transit. But CMI long ago pointed out the problems with this idea.

昔の創造論者の中には、遠い恒星の光の問題の解決策として、神が経路上の光も創造したかもしれないと考えている。しかし、CMI(Creation Ministries International)は随分前から、この考え方についての問題点を指摘してきた。

It would entail that we would be seeing light from heavenly bodies that don’t really exist; and even light that seems to indicate precise sequences of events predictable by the laws of physics, but which never actually happened. This, in effect, suggests that God is a deceiver.


For example, when a large star explodes as a supernova, we see a neutrino burst before we see the electromagnetic radiation. This is because most neutrinos pass through solid matter as if it were not there, while light is slowed down. This sequence of events carries information recording an apparently real event. So astronomers are perfectly justified in interpreting this ‘message’ as a real supernova that exploded according to the laws of physics, with observations as predicted by those same laws.


This is very different from creating Adam as fully grown, looking like a 20-year-old (although incredibly youthful looking), say, although he was really only a few minutes old. Here, there is no deception, because God has told us that He created Adam from the dust, not by growing from an infant. But God has also told us that the stars are real, and that they are signs (Genesis 1:14), not just apparitions from light waves.


In answering the distant starlight question, first point out that big bangers have their own problem with light travel time; second, point to relativistic time dilation, as first proposed by Dr Russell Humphreys, and extended by Dr John Hartnett with Carmelian Cosmological Relativity.

遠くの恒星の問題に答えるなら、まずビッグバン理論自体の光の伝播時間の問題を指摘しよう。そして、次にRussell Humphreysが提唱し、Carmelian宇宙論的相対論とともにDr John Hartnettが拡張した相対論的時間の遅れを指摘しよう。

‘God created the light en route.’

Others have claimed that God created the light en route, but this would mean that supernova 1987A never actually happened, but rather that God created the image of the exploding star en route to Earth. Moreover, it would mean that the progenitor star never actually existed even though we have been able to see its image throughout time. While some ‘appearance of age’ is essential in a supernaturally created universe where things were created functionally mature, would God create the image of a star that never actually existed, or a supernova that never happened? Perhaps we cannot completely eliminate this possibility, but it nonetheless seems a remarkably uncharacteristic act for the God of the Bible.

また他の者たちは、神が経路上の光も創造したと主張するが、これは超新星1987Aは実際には存在しておらず、神が超新星爆発のイメージを地球への経路上に創造したことを意味する。さらに、我々がそのイメージを観測できるのに、赤色巨星は存在していなかったことになる。物事は機能的に完成状態で創造される形での、宇宙の超自然的な創造には、何らかの"Appearance of Age"(かのように創造された・外見的年齢)が不可欠だが、神は実際には存在していない恒星のイメージや、起きていない超新星爆発のイメージを創造したのだろうか? この可能性は我々は完全には排除できないが、聖書の神の行動の特徴にはまったくそぐわないものである。

[ Robert Newton: "Distant starlight and Genesis: conventions of time measurement" (2001/04) ]











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