If you’re a regular reader of Google News, you might read dozens of articles every month.
But wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of what you’re reading most?
With Google News Badges you can lean about your reading habits, create a more personalized experience on Google News, and find articles on your favorite topic, from world news, sports or entertainment.
Let’s say you’re a basketball fan.
As you read basketball articles across Google News, you’ll also start earning badges.
And the more you read, the more your badges will level up.
Badges not only help you keep track of what you read, they also make it easier to add personalized news sections on the topics you care about most.
Just hover over a badge, click Add Section, and your new section will show up in the Google New navigation bar.
In addition to creating a more personalized news experience, badges can also help you loop in friends on your favorite news topics.
Your badges are private by default, but you can choose to share them across you social network if you want to find shared interests with friends or spark conversations around certain topics.
So keep track of what you’re reading, read more of what you like, and share what you love with friends.
Come badge up on Google News.


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