Steve jobs MacBook Air Keynote speech2 + Eng subtitle

Hi, Steve.
Yeah, Steve, hmmm.
About a year ago, we asked us to challenge us trying to get the world best microprocessor into this impossibly thin machine.
I brought one with us today.
When we started this project, we didn’t think it was possible.
The product that we ended up building for you, is about the width of dime.
It’s as thick as nickel.
It has 400 million really fast and really power efficient transistors on it as it started they are, I think working with you and your team to produce this wonderful devices has been a challenge ??? we sweated over it but the end of the day, we did what we would do best together which is innovate.
I wanna thank you and your team for allowing us the opportunity to innovate with you.
Let me give you this as souvenir.
All right, Thank you!
This is awesome technology.
Thank you Paul, thank you intel.
So, that’s the electronics, that’s how we fit a mac inside, the world thinnest notebook.
So, let’s take a look at some other features.
On one of the sides, we got a Macsafe connector.
We’ve got a smaller 45 Watt power adaptor that also comes with a MacBook Air, on the other side, we’ve got a flip-down door that exposes USB2 port and Micro-DVI connector with digital and analog video and a headphone jack.
And maybe most importantly, we’ve built in most advanced wireless networking technology 802.11n right into a MacBook Air along with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, so the latest in and greatest in wireless technology, the MacBook Air, was built to be a wireless machine.
Now, no matter how hard you look, one thing you’re not gonna find in a MacBook Air is an optical drive.
If you really want one, we build one.
You can buy this accessary which is made for the MacBook Air, it’s powered, off USB port of the MacBook Air, and it costs just 99$, it’s very compact and you can just take it with you wherever you go with a MacBook Air, but you know what, we don’t think most users are gonna miss the optical driver, we don’t think they’re gonna need an optical drive.
Because again a MacBook Air was built to be as wireless machine.
What do we normally do with a optical drive?
We play movies, right? We install software; we make backups, and we burn music CDs sometimes for a car, usually.
Guess what. We have a much better way to get movies on our computers now.
We can wirelessly rent them from iTunes movie rental right on a MacBook Air.
We have a much better way than burning CDs for our car. Most of us have an iPod in a car now.
From making backups we now have time-machine and time-capsule to wirelessly backup our notebooks.
What about installing software?
We’re gonna do that wirelessly, too.
We’ve innovated the way Apple can give a comprehensive solution to this problems.
We have a new feature on MacBook Air built right in the operating system called “remote disk” and so when you go to the finder in MacBook Air, you will see left in column something called remote disc and remote disc when you click on it, it will show you all those Macs or PCs in your vicinity that have some special software loaded on them comes on the disc in MacBook Air, Mac version and Windows version and you can pick one of those machines and ask to borrow it’s an optical drive.
And when you do, that machine will get a request and they can accept it.
That’s what looks like in Windows.
And so, once they’ve accepted it, you see what’s in their optical drive.
And you can even, you have mac installer discs inside a Windows PC.
PC can read a Mac disc with the special software and send it wirelessly over to a MacBook Air, you click on it, it is just as if you had a local optical drive.
And you can install your software. It’s amazing.
So, remote disc that’s how we’re gonna install software, wirelessly.
We go from this to this.
We don’t think users are gonna miss that.
So, MacBook Air is an amazing notebook. We also didn’t wana compromise on battery life.
And so, MacBook Air, when you are doing email, you’re browsing the web, wireless networking’s turned on, 5 hours of battery life in that tiny little board.
A lot of other ultra-thin notebooks get an hour and half of battery life.
This is phoneminal battery life without having put the big giant external battery on it like some of them do.
So, what are the features?
3 lbs, unprecedented, 0.16 to .76 inch thickness, 13.3 inch a full size display, a full size keyboard, a backlit keyboard, multitouch gestures on a very spacious trackpad, iSight camera built-in for out of the box video conferencing and horsing around with photo booth, 1.6GHz core 2 DUO as standard, 2GB of memory standard, 80GB hard drive standard, with an option to go to 64GB solid state drive, 802.11n wifi standard, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR standard, and of course macsafe connector.
All of these features and more in the thinnest notebook in the world.
And we are pricing this notebook at just $1799.
And we commence shipping MacBook Airs in two weeks.
We start taking orders today, preorder on the online stores if you like.
We’ll be shipping in two weeks.
So, this is what the shipping box looks like.
So, the thinnest notebook in the world, it’s just amazing.
We made an Ad and we’re gonna start running if you like. I will show it to you.
You wanna see it, Okay.
Go ahead and run the Ad.
So, MacBook Air, I wanted to cover one other side of MacBook Air, we’re gonna do this for the major product introduction going forward.
That is some of the progress we’ve made towards environmental issues on this product.
So, a few things we’ve done.
No.1, a MacBook Air is enclosed in a fully aluminum case which is fully recyclable as a matter of fact, it’s desirable material by recyclers.
They love aluminum, a whole case is aluminum, which is great.
MacBook Air has the first display that is both mercury-free and also uses arsenic-free glass.
This is a milestone for us and we are very happy about this.
All of the Apple design circuit boards which are the vast majority of circuit board in a unit are BFR-free and PVC-free.
We’re very happy about that as well.
That’s a first for us as well.
And a retail packaging, it’s 50% less volume than our previously smallest packaging which is the mackbook.
This helps a great deal in energy expanded transporting the products and obviously disposing of the package materials, so we’re very happy about that, too.
We continue to make progress on all of these environmental fronts.
We will keep it posted but they all add up to something in the end.
We’re very conscious of this, thank you for that.
So, MacBook Air, the thinnest notebook in the world and it joins other two great notebook families, macbook and mackbook pro, the best notebook in the industry.


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