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So you know what it’s like when you want to press your clients with an amazing presentation.
You take your graphs, add some clip art and spice the whole thing with some fancy transitions.
But somehow it doesn’t always have the desired effect.
So one day you come across one of those super cool promotional cartoons and you think yourself “Wow something like that would definitely catch my client’s attention”.
But then you find out what it costs like a gazillion bucks to make.
So you start scouring the web for tools that can create extraordinary presentations for free.
It’s just nothing out there is just quite the thing you’re looking for.
This tool just move pictures around and this one swivels so much, you get seasick and operate this one, you have to be a rocket scientist.
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a tool that allows you to create professional looking animated presentations and cartoons style videos just by dragging and dropping stuff onto a page?
Well now there is!
PowToon is a new tool that is so simple and intuitive.
It allows anyone whoever use PowerPoint or Keynote to easily all of your presentation into awesomeness.
PowToon contains themes of animated characters, props and cool transitions which you can just drag and drop onto your slide and create eye catching and fun presentations that can be presented in person or turn into animated videos with the click of a button to be shared on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.
Now your presentations will definitely keep your audience hooked.
PowToon brings awesomeness to your presentations.








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