もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

I haven’t made (real? Blog? a video?? For?? a really?? long time and keep me ???)things… real life things just keep coming up.
I (??) have to prioritize
I know that some people have been asking to see my new place and I moved in…like… August.
I feel like it’s taken forever to get to point right now actually show people what it looks like.
It’s probably as clean as it’s ever going to get, so I would love to show you my Japanese apartment.
So, first is the Japanese 玄関.
The玄関 is the entryway.
This is where you take your shoes off.
I’m in my socks in the 玄関 which is actually really bad…
So don’t do that.
Let’s go this way first.
First thing…here is the toilet.
This toilet is really cool.
This is my first ever wash-let toilet.
I’ve never had like a wash-let toilet before.
It has buttons on the side.
I don’t really know what these buttons do and I’m too scared to find out, but it is cool to have it impresses all my friends.
Then we have this room.
This is where all the magic happens.
There here’s Hello, Kit!
What’s up, baby?
Anyway…so…this is my office.
It used to be the living room but I have a dog now and I find that if I work too much, I forget to walk him, so I moved my office to make sure that my room is the same room as his so, I can kind of keep an eye on him and play with him at the same time.
And it’s right next to the kitchen, which means I can get food whenever I want.
The kitchen has absolutely no storage and it drives me nuts.
I really want to get a place where I can put dishes so that’s why the kitchen is like probably the most messy out of my rooms.
And next…here.
Shower room, my washing machine and a sink and the dog dog.
Why are you so cute?
The price for this place is insanely cheap and I’m not allowed to tell you because it’s… they’re actually… it’s cheaper than the people living next to me.
It is under 7万円, so under $700 a month to live here.
(??) just insanely cheap.
You don’t find places like this.
You don’t and I don’t know how I found it.
Anyway let’s go upstairs.
We have the meeting room.
This is also where I do a lot of my video editing because the こたつ is warm.
I really wanted to have a room like this where it was just simple and clean because then when you have guests, so you have meetings or clients you can like umm.. you know have a place where they can sit down and not think you’re a (total slub?).
Finally we have my bedroom which is the messiest and like ugliest room in the house.
I really want to get a new bed and I want to get like new curtains.
…have this… display desk thing that I really want to build, but nobody will help me.
It’s really hard.
And then I have a walk-in closet which I love I love.
So much space, you guys.
So much space.
And then I have the grudge loft.
You like…
Oh my god!
There’s a grudge loft…there’s a grudge loft.
Don’t go out there but this is actually the coolest part because I’ve been thinking a lot about how I‘m going to use this space.
Ladder’s…so cool, right?



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