Something that's gonna be even more popular though, we call Smart Covers.
For the original iPad, we did a case. The case is pretty cool. It can prop the iPad up for typing or for watching movies.
It worked pretty well except that we went to all this trouble to make a beautiful design and we covered it up with this case, right?
But more than that, we added thickness and weight to the product and we made it more difficult to use with some of the accessories.
So we thought we could do better than this for iPad 2 and we started from the very beginning to design the case right alongside the product and we have done that, but it's not a case anymore, it's a cover to cover the glass.
It's a Smart Cover. And this is what it looks like.
And it bends and folds around just like this as a typing stand and to watch movies on just like the, the old one. Looks great with black, looks great with white.
And, it even automatically, instantly wakes up the iPad from sleep when you open it and automatically puts the iPad to sleep when you close it.
Now, how is this held on? Do we have some screws that you screw in? What, what do we do? No, we use magnets.
Our engineering and ID team came up with this idea of using magnets that grasp it and auto align it so it's always in perfect alignment.
And I'll I'll show you a little video of this. You won't believe it, it's so cool.And you can remove it in a second. You can add it in a second.
It adds minimal weight and thickness 'cause it's just covering the top.
It's got a microfiber lining that cleans the screen every time you move it, open it or close it.
Again, it automatically wakes on open, puts the iPad to sleep when you close it.
It's really easy to remove or change the cover so you can have a bunch of 'em and pick which cover you feel like today and easily just put it on.
And, they come in polyurethane which is used to make space suits, or leather.

And so, I've got a little video that shows you how this thing works. Let's run that video.








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