エーリッヒ・フォン・デニケンのAliens of the Gaps

How can that be?

Since Charles Darwin (1809;-1892), it is accepted that the species developed by natural selection and that ape and man developed separately from a single product of nature as from a point x in time. In an evolutionary process that lasted millions of years. It may be so. In other words, millionfold mutations over millions of years have made us the crown of creation. Sounds good.

But we must invoke the aid of miracles if people are supposed to believe that hundreds of essential differences were formed during the non-stop series of mutations, whereas the protein structure of chimpanzees and men survived the ennobling process unchanged.

The 146 macromolecules in the protein of haemoglobin (the colouring matter of the red corpuscles) actually are identical in chimpanzees and men down to a single aminoacid building stone. Given so many similarities, we must forgive the Swedish botanist Carl von Linne (1707-1778) for calling the chimpanzee homo troglodytes, i.e. caveman.

This identical protein structure in man and chimpanzee proves that man cannot have originated solely through natural mutation and evolution. Why not?

If we compare the protein structure of two frogs, we find variations 50 times greater than those between chimpanzee and man—yet one frog looks the spitting image of another. Conclusion: as frog and frogs are more closely related than man and chimpanzee, the protein structures of the frogs ought to be virtually the same and those of man and chimpanzee totally different. The opposite has been proved.

When Professor Alan C. Wilson and his colleague Mary Claire King, both biochemists in the University of California, saw the astonishing results of their protein investigations, they were convinced that there must be a hitherto undiscovered and far more effective evolutionary driving force (23) than anything known so far.

What can this force have been? Professor Loren Eiseley, the anthropologist fron the University of Pennsylvania, has already said loud and clear that a factor which produced mental abilities during the formation of human groups must have been overlooked by the theoreticians of evolution. That is my opinion, too, but how can we explain the phenomenon that man and chimpanzee are (are supposed to be) more closely related than the popeyed frogs whose protein structures are so different? And this although -- according to Darwin and his followers—the period of evolution from chimpanzee to man is supposed to embrace more millions of years and more millions of mutations than the relatively short leap of the frog through world history allowed.


チャールズ・ダーウィン (1809;-1892) 以来、種は自然選択によって発展し、猿と人間は時点 x から単一の自然生物から何百万年も続く進化の過程で、別々に発展したと認められている。そうかもしれない。 言い換えれば、何百万年にもわたる何百万回もの突然変異が、我々を創造の王者にした。正しそうだ。


ヘモグロビン(赤血球の色素)のタンパク質に含まれる14 個の高分子は、実際には、単一のアミノ酸の構成に至るまでチンパンジーと人間で同一である。非常に多くの類似点を考えると、スウェーデンの植物学者カール・フォン・リンネ(1707-1778)がチンパンジーをホモトログロダイト、つまり穴居人と呼んだのも納得できるだろう。

人間とチンパンジーのこの同一のタンパク質構造は、人間が自然の突然変異と進化だけによって誕生したわけではないことを証明している。 なぜだろう?

2匹のカエルのタンパク質構造を比較すると、チンパンジーと人間の違いよりも50倍も大きな差異があるす。それでも、あるカエルは別のカエルの似たような姿をしている。結論: カエルとカエルは人間とチンパンジーよりも近縁であるため、カエルのタンパク質構造は実質的に同じであり、人間とチンパンジーのタンパク質構造はまったく異なるはずである。その逆が証明された。

カリフォルニア大学の生化学者Alan C. Wilson教授と共同研究者Mary Claire Kingは、タンパク質の研究の驚くべき結果を見て、これまで発見されておらず、これまで知られているものよりも、はるかに効果的な進化の原動力が存在するに違いないと確信した。

この力は一体何だったのか? ペンシルバニア大学の人類学者Loren Eiseley教授は、人間の集団形成の際に精神的能力を生み出す要因が進化論者によって見落とされていたに違いないと、すでに声高に明言している。それは私の意見でもあるが、タンパク質構造が大きく異なるケシガエルよりも人間とチンパンジーの方が近縁である(とされている)という現象はどうやって説明できるのだろうか? しかし、ダーウィンとその追随者によれば、チンパンジーから人類への進化の期間には、世界史におけるカエルの比較的短期間の飛躍よりも、さらに数百万年と数百万の突然変異が含まれると考えられている。

[ Erich von Däniken: "Signs of the gods?", 1980, pp.62-63 ]

My answer:

There was an artificial mutation from ape to man. ,We did not separate from monkeys so many millions of years ago as is claimed—the family break-up took place only a few tens of thousands of years ago. That is why the protein structures of men and chimpanzees remained the same. If millions of years and many thousandfold successful mutations lay between the primitive hominid, a man-like ape, and homo sapiens, then—any geneticist would confirm this—the protein structures of both beings would have taken a very different form. Corollary, as this is not so, as they are absolutely identical, our ancestor, the first homo sapiens, can only have separated from the ape tribe 'recently', a few tens of thousands of years ago.

Men cannot breed with apes, because intelligent man undoubtedly forms a species absolutely different from any species of ape. How could the human species have developed in such an incredibly positive way within 'minutes', reckoned on the time-scale of universal history? How did ape—or man?—suddenly lose his fur? How did he suddenly think of `civilising' himself, of creating cultures? Who gave him the idea of hunting animals, whose companion he had only recently been? Where did he suddenly get the illuminating idea of making fire to cook his soup on?

Yes, and with whom did the, first man mate, when he, a solitary being mutated from the ape tribe, had no suitable sexual partners? He could not mate with his monkey ancestors, for they had a different chromosome count.

Ridiculous nonsense, I hear the anthropologists say. All those things did not happen 'so suddenly'; they took millions of years of gradual, evolution. The 'suddenness' of homo sapiens's becoming intelligent is an invention of mine with absolutely nothing to justify it. That objection does not hold up, since it is fully established that man and chimpanzee both have the same extremely complicated protein structures.

Where must we look for ,the eagerly sought but so far undiscovered evolutionary driving force (Wilson)? What is the factor—missed by the theoreticians of evolution—which gave the first human groups mental abilities (Eiseley)?

All these questions are answered as soon as we have the courage to think the apparently unthinkable.

Extraterrestrials separated homo sapiens from the ape tribe and made him intelligent by artificial mutation. In their own image. The evolutionary driving force is to be found in this deliberate manipulation. It worked perfectly, as we shall see.



人間は類人猿と交配できない。なぜなら、知的な人間は間違いなく、いかなる類人猿とも絶対的に異なる種を形成するからである。人類という種は、宇宙の歴史の時間スケールから考えると、「数分」以内にこれほど信じられないほど前向きに発展することができたのだろうか? 人間はどうして突然毛皮を失ったのだろうか? 人間はどうして突然自分自身を「文明化」すること、文化を創造することを思いついたのだろうか? 人間に動物を狩るというアイデアを与えたのは誰か? 人間は、スープを調理するために火を起こすという輝かしいアイデアをどこで突然思いついたのだろうか?

そして最初の人類は、猿の部族から突然変異した孤独な存在であり、適切な性的パートナーがいなかったとき、誰と交配したのか? 猿の祖先とは染色体の数が異なっていたため、交配できなかった・>


熱心に探究されながら、これまで発見されていない進化の原動力(Wilson)を、我々はどこに、探さなければならないのだろうか? 進化論者たちが見逃していた、最初の人類集団に精神的能力を与えた要因(Eiseley)とは何だろうか?



[ Erich von Däniken: "Signs of the gods?", 1980, pp.63-64 ]
インテリジェントデザインや創造論は、これと同様の論理で、異星人ではなくデザイナーや神を置く。基本的には「of the Gaps」詭弁なので、主張に違いを出しようがない。


Did the crew of the first prehistoric spaceship already belong to extraterrestrial races?

Did they lie with the daughters of earth and produce children, as the great legends of human history tell us? Did this sexual traffic, which was against the orders of the 'gods', originate different races following the model, the genetic pattern, of the extraterrestrials?

Were there, I ask myself, visits at various points in time by spaceships which had no contact with each other? Did an original group separate homo sapiens from the ape tribe and so leave a black race behind? Did another cosmic expedition take place thousands of years later with a white or yellow crew? Was the black race a failure and did the extraterrestrials change the genetic code by gene surgery and then programme a white or a yellow race?

Racial theorists will file my reflections away in the archives. They are satisfied with the current accepted explanations, but what do they really know?

One example will illustrale how worthless our previous knowledge is:

A black family emigrates from its home in the tropical zone of the earth and settles in a cooler region. Pigments change down the generations, dark skins become light, perhaps so light, the negroids become white. Dark skin, say the racial specialists, no longer being necessary as a protection against the sun. OK, but in his new environment the black man would also have to lose his curly hair, his prominent dark eyes and protruding lips, otherwise he could never become a white man.

But it's all quite simple, someone will tell me. The black breeds with a white and there you are .. .

Just a minute! I am talking of the time when there was only one race! For in the beginning, and there I am in complete agreement with the racial theorists, there was only the black race, which took its colour from the apes.

But the change from black to white could not have been made with one mutation; it would have needed endless chains of mutations.

How does a new species appear, when only one is in existence? How could a washproof black become a white without inter-breeding between two races?

Present-day 'intermediate races', Arabs, Eskimos and South Sea Islanders, for example, originated by racial inter-breeding. I admit that.

But this possibility did not exist in the very beginning. Science says that only one race existed then and it is supposed to have changed into another race on its own! Or into several races!

We are in agreement on this point: it is science that says that in the beginning there was only one race, the black one. Neither a white nor a half-breed was available for inter-breeding. Zero. There were only blacks. I have got that into my head.

The white race, I conclude, cannot have been produced down the generations by blacks inter-breeding with whites. According to that theory, we should only exist if the blacks had mated exclusively with whites for x thousands of/years. The possibility exists, but where do we get the whites from?


人類の歴史の偉大な伝説[創世記6章1-4節]が語るように、彼らは地球の娘たちと嘘をつき、子供を産んだのだろうか? 「神」の命令に反したこの性的売買は、地球外生命体のモデル、遺伝子パターンに従ってさまざまな人種を生み出したのだろうか?

自ら問うが、互いに接触することのない宇宙船によるさまざまな時点での訪問はあったのだろうか? 最初の集団がホモ・サピエンスを猿部族から分離し、黒人人種を残したのだろうか? 数千年後、白人または黄色の飛行士による別の宇宙探検が行われたのだろうか? 黒人人種は失敗で、地球外生命体は遺伝子手術で遺伝コードを変えて白人か黄色人種をプログラムしたのだろうか?

人種理論家たちは私の考察をアーカイブに保存するだろう。 彼らは現在受け入れられている説明に満足しているが、実際には何を知っているのだろうか?




ちょっと待ってほしい! これは人種がひとつしかなかった時代の話だ! というのは、私も人種理論家たちに完全に同意しているが、最初は猿から黒色を引き継いだ黒人人種しか存在しなかったのだ。


1種類しか存在しないのに、どのようにして新種が現れるのだろか? 2つの人種間の交配なしに、どのようにして耐洗濯性の黒人が白人になれるのだろうか?



この点については我々も同意している。科学によれば、最初はただひとつの人種、つまり黒人だけが存在したと言える。 白人も混血も交配には利用できなかった。ゼロ。 黒人しかいなかった。 私はそれを頭の中に入れている。


[ Erich von Däniken: "Signs of the gods?", 1980, pp.65-67 ]






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