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  1. Astronaut, European Space Agency (Germany) PS1, Discovery - STS-72A
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美樹本 晴彦氏による日本版での性別変更

超時空要塞マクロス THE FIRST

【Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS THE FIRST】


「ジーナ・バルトロウ」【Gina Bartrow】という名前が付されている。


前世紀20世紀の旧ドイツ空軍、つまり『ルフトヴァッフェ』【Reichsluftwaffe / Luftwaffe】の撃墜王、Emil_Langから命名されています。



衛星ティロルの情報及び文化統制官の役職にあったレベッカ・ニックス 少尉とは、同じ地域「旧ドイツ共和国」の隣接地域の出身ということもあって独特の関係がありました。



エミール博士自体は、兵士を規準とした男性の体格としては文民かつ研究者ということもあって標準程度の体格(5フィート(152.4)9インチ(22.86cm)≒175.26cm)ですが、その差は縮小化(マイクローン化)したエキセドル・フォルモ程ではありません。 画像では人類の頭蓋骨の平均値の半分程(12cm 程度)も身長差がありますから、逆に云えばレベッカ少尉は187cm 以上の長身ということになります




工学博士号【Ph.D in Engineering】


主要な連続性作品として、公式の年表に加えられた、ワイルドストーム【WildStorm】社のデジタルコミック「星界から」【From the Star】本編中で、技術者がドイツ語を話すのは、旧西側先進国を中心に組織された、異星人の墜落宇宙戦艦【ASS-1】の解析機関であるオーテック【OTEC】機関中、エミール・ラング博士【Dr.EmilLang】以下ベリテック【VERIECH】開発部構成研究員が、大半がドイツ人だったからで、実際ヴェルナー・フォン・ブラウンがアメリカ合衆国に招聘(しょうへい)されて以降、現実に発生した事態を参考にしています。


Dr. Lang【日本版では姓名共に設定なし。技師長とだけ呼ばれる。】 was briefly seen in episodes 5 ("Transformation") and 6 ("Daedalus Attack") of the Macross Saga. He would have had a much larger role in the aborted sequel Robotech II: The Sentinels.

The storyline for this series was later realized as a comic book and novel series. Dr. Lang was Earth's chief Robotechnician and has been with Earth Robotechnology development since it was first developed from the crashed SDF-1. It was through his efforts that the SDF-1 was built from the crashed alien ship. He also helped in development of the Veritech fighter. Among his other innovations were the pinpoint barrier system, omni-directional barrier, Cyclone Armor, and the Shadow Fighter.

During his animated appearances in Robotech and The Sentinels, Dr. Lang was voiced by Greg Snegoff.

After the end of the First Robotech War, Dr. Lang was made leader of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. He would join Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and the other heroes of the First Robotech War aboard the SDF-3. Dr. Lang was a popular and charismatic leader with the REF, a surrogate father figure to the young scientists and soldiers. He became close to cadet pilot Karen Penn, daughter of his friend and colleague, Harry Penn. Although Karen loved her father, she felt he was too overprotective. Despite Harry Penn's protests, Lang fully supported Karen's determination to be a Veritech pilot.

In addition to scientific research, Lang was also a shrewd politician and diplomat who served on the REF Plentipotentiary Council. Lang repeatedly demonstrated his ability to compromise and draw upon the strength of others as the key to diplomacy. He was instrumental in secretly foiling the plans of certain high ranking REF members who exploited their positions. In this, he was assisted by Janice Em. On the outside, she appeared an ordinary young lady gifted with a beautiful singing voice, but in actuality, she was an android that Lang built to act as a spy much like the Japanese kunoichi.

During the final phase of the Sentinel's campaign, Lang, Exedore, and Janice worked together to create Shadow Technology out of the notes left behind by the now renegade T. R. Edwards who had made significant breakthroughs using captured Invid technology.

As seen in the comic book miniseries Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, during the final phase of the Third Robotech War, Lang, Exedore, and Janice were in the process of testing the Neutron S missiles that Admiral Hunter ordered used against the Invid's Reflex Point on Earth. Not realizing the power of these weapons, a test firing of the missile released destructive energy that not only disabled SDF-3 but according to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, killed all aboard science vessel Deukalion with no survivors except Janice. It is presumed that Exedore who was aboard Deukalion, is among the dead. However, Dr. Lang's fate is debatable as the comic book artwork does not make it clear whether Lang was aboard Deukalion or SDF-3 at this time.



Original Macross version
Haruhiko Mikimoto was the character designer for Macross, the Japanese animated series that was adapted as the first 36 episodes of Robotech. In the original Macross character designs, the unnamed chief engineer in two episodes (later redesignated Dr. Lang in Robotech) was one of several Macross background characters drawn simply with small black eyes. The Macross chief engineer is credited with the modular transformation and pin-point barrier system of the SDF-1 Macross, but none of the other innovations credited to Robotech's Lang. In the original Macross, the eyes had no special reason for their appearance and is simply attributed to one of the trademarks of Mikimoto's artistic style. Characters with similarly drawn eyes have appeared in other anime on which he worked.

Another unnamed character with these eyes appeared in a conference scene in Episode 29 and was seen having a friendly argument with Rick Hunter. This character was retroactively identified as Lazlo Zand in the Jack McKinney novelization.

The reason for the black eyes has been established in the Dark Horse comics as a side effect of exposure to Protoculture.



The Macross character design was modified in Robotech II: The Sentinels animation produced where, in his updated character design, he was given normal eyes. Comic books have off and on reverted to the black marble like eyes without explanation, usually depending on the artist drawing the issue. The Jack McKinney novels have explained it as an indication of Lang's affinity with the protoculture and its Shapings, an aftereffect of Lang's near electrocution during the initial exploratory expedition of the crashed SDF-1 where he tried to access the onboard alien computer. The Sentinels comic (which uses his Sentinels character design) did show one instance of Lang's eyes turning marble black and of him subduing someone with greater than normal physical strength.


ndary Continuity
In the Comico graphic novel and Jack McKinney novelizations, Dr. Emil Lang is part of the initial team of explorers into the recently crashed alien spaceship. Lang attempts to access what he believes to be an alien computer located in Zor's private quarters. In the novelizations, he is nearly electrocuted by what may have been an anti tampering defense installed in the computer. Lang quickly recovers to discover that his eyes were turned all black. Later novels add to the effects of this encounter by stating that Lang's IQ was also increased. Lang additionally suggested that he was given an affinity with the "Shapings", a protculture-guided cosmic force that he would frequently referred to in the novels.

The Eternity/Academy comic book series Robotech: Return to Macross introduces Lang's younger sister, Nina, who is a rock star. Nina is used by Anatole Leonard and his anti-Robotechnology group, The Faithful in an attempt to generate bad publicity for the Robotech research group by having her openly speak out against her brother's research. This plan is derailed as Roy Fokker rescues Nina from a kidnapping by Leonard's agents. Nina, additionally appears at a press conference fully supporting her brother's work. Nina later shows an interest in Brian Bernard, an old friend of Lang's. The comic series ended before this was expanded on and although it is not known if anything came out of it.





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